Tuesday Walk of Shame: Bachelorette Edition

During the course of the last season of the Bachelor, my viewing-party friends & I came up with an idea for a blog series: A Tuesday Walk of Shame. I explained it in a pair of previous posts (read them here and here) but we were already so deep into sleaze-ball Juan Pablo’s quest for love that I could not expand on it. Very unfortunate because this is a topic that demands further exploration. Now the Bachelorette starts up Monday and I have a whole new opportunity.

I lied just now…not a big lie, just a little lie-by-omission. It wasn’t just that we were too far into the Latino lover’s season to try this out before. It was definitely a contributing factor, but there was more at play in my life. I had just started doing shift work with my job and was spending 10 days out of every 2 weeks up north at a camp outside Fort McMurray. I still am actually, but I’ve become much more adept at balancing my time & accomplishing things after a 13 hour work day. It wasn’t just the long days that were discouraging me though. It was the show itself. I used to despise the Bachelor. I found it disgustingly shallow & manipulative and refused to watch it. That was until I joined up with a few of my friends to form a Bachelor-viewing group, where we’d get together every Monday night and laugh/cry/mock the show together. Nothing was taken too seriously and yet we were all totally invested in the show’s outcome. I’ve come to think of these times fondly, and even looked forward to the next episode. But work ripped me away from this safe place and thrust me into a world of solo viewing. Do you know what happens when I watch the Bachelor by myself? I hate myself. And the show. And everyone on it.

This brings me to the blog series itself. The Tuesday Walk of Shame is a simple concept. It is a discussion about the most recent Bachelor/Bachelorette episode: what I liked, what I hated and, most importantly, what I would have done differently. You see, I am a very different person than you usually see on the show. This is why I have so much trouble watching it. I’m drastically different personality who would make dramatically different choices. I think it’s time for us to take a look at how the show would play out with a Bachelorette who is a little socially awkward and seriously socially anxious. A Bachelorette who would rather wear pajamas than a bikini. A Bachelorette who wants to talk comic books, fandoms & cosplay. A Bachelorette who doesn’t need a man to complete her as she is perfectly fine on her own, thank you very much. And best of all, a Bachelorette who actually really hates love.

You see folks, I’m not all “Oh that’s so romantic!” and “I want someone to kiss me like that!” or “Just tell her that you love her!” Those things kind of sicken me. The Bachelorette is always some hopeless romantic who whole-heartedly believes she will find the man of her dreams by dating (and making out with all of) a select group of guys on television. I would be a Bachelorette with strict no-touching-me-until-I-touch-you and absolutely-no-use-of-the-L-word rules.

Isn’t it time for a change? Or at least a new viewpoint?
If you agree Vote Kris for Bachelorette…or just keep reading this blog…either will work 😉
If you want to see what I’m talking about and how these posts will work check out Tuesday Walk of Shame from February, then come back Monday night for an extra special bonus post! I’m going to pre-judge each of the men based on their Bachelorette Cast website descriptions! Now you can read along with what I superficially think of the men while Andi superficially judges them during introductions!

And Tuesday will see my first Walk of Shame when I analyze those oh-so-awkward first meetings 🙂

Love & Luck,

PS. If you are interested in this series please Follow, Like, Re-Post, Re-Blog & most definitely Comment! I’ve made it pretty clear how much trouble I have watching this show alone, but it will be so much easier to find motivation if I know there are people out there waiting for my Shame report!

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