Guess who’s going to Marvel’s Avengers STATION?!?

In case you couldn’t guess, it’s me. I’m the one going to Marvel’s Avengers STATION. I am a lucky little fangirl. Being from Canada this kind of exhibit is something I would normally only dream of experiencing, but I happen to be going on a New York trip within the first month of the exhibition opening. And I got tickets!!!

downloadDon’t feel bad if you haven’t heard about Avenger’s STATION yet. If you’re not from NYC it’s not even very applicable to your life (except to make you feel very envious of east-coasters).  It was news to me too when a co-worker happened across an article about it this week (this article in fact…I’ve borrowed my pictures from the Screen Crush site because I haven’t actually been there to take my own yet). Within 5 minutes of the discovery I had my tickets. If you are from the New York City area or will be there any time this year you can get tickets too! The exhibit ends January 4, 2015.

Avenger’s STATION is an interactive trip into SHIELD’s Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. That acronym probably doesn’t mean any more to you expanded than it did in its original form. But what did you expect from the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division? They obviously care more about the acronym than the actual name.

___     __Hill: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for
_                __Agent Ward?
___     __Ward: Strategic Homeland Intervention, 

_                __Enforcement and Logistics Division.
_    _ ___Hill: And what does that mean to you?
__     ___Ward: That someone really wanted our 

_                __initials to spell SHIELD.
____                               ____-Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

STATION is an exhibit featuring movie costumes, actual props and educational & interactive media. You are briefed on SHIELD (hopefully from a loyal member…I don’t want to be secretly joining HYDRA), taken through the lab and left to explore individual rooms dedicated to each of the Avengers’ big 3: Iron Man, Captain America & Thor (featuring Loki…squeee…sorry, fangirl moment). The exhibit was made possible through the join effort of Marvel, Discovery Times Square (where it’s being held), Victory Hill Exhibitions and NASA. Yes, that NASA. These big names should be able to produce a fairly good show, and by fairly I mean extraordinarily excellent. Basically I’m going to learn new fun facts about my favorite heroes & get to up-close-and-personal examine my current cosplay recreation? 100% in and 200% psyched!

Love & Luck,

P.S. I’m now over thinking my luck. I’m never this lucky…eek I’m worried. This is causing stress flashbacks to my Nashville trip when I was super lucky to get Eric Church Opry tickets in the 20 minutes before they sold out (without trying or even knowing they were going on sale I might add) and then had a traumatic 3 days stuck in the Denver airport to even things out. Karma’s a jerk.

P.P.S. Can you guess which member of the Avengers I’m going to be cosplaying?


  • Two things:
    1) To clarify, are you cosplaying at the exhibit, or are you just talking in general?
    2) Yes, I was going to say – beware the good luck. You were the luckiest person in the world that one day, and in exchange you had that lovely excursion to DENVER.


    • No, I’m not going to be cosplaying at the exhibit…although that would be excellent! My costume isn’t ready yet & would be a bit cumbersome to haul to NY if it was.


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