Closet Cosplay

For me the key to cosplay has always been confidence.

I know you are looking at that statement and thinking it’s rather obvious…not my deepest sentiment. It obviously takes a lot of confidence to costume oneself in various states of ridiculousness and often undress. Confidence it what allows somebody to put on an article of clothing completely out of context for a particular location or out a sync with the current era of time or just generally out of social norms. Without a certain measure of confidence how could someone put themselves and their infinite love of something others may think is geeky or uncool out there in such an extreme way? That’s the thing though…it’s an infinite love. To cosplay something you truly enjoy doesn’t feel like a risk. It’s an expression of oneself. It is just you being you…by not being you…

It seems like an odd form of escapism, to say you can be a better you by being someone else, but it’s an attitude I will stand by. I have seen the drastic change that occurs in a person when they forget the “rules” & put on that wig…or armor…or Victorian-era dress.  Yes it takes confidence to cosplay but you also gain confidence in the process. The only unfortunate thing is that you only get to do it a couple of times a year… Or do you?

Enter: Closet Cosplay!

Closet cosplay is the act of dressing like your favorite fandom character in your everyday life. This might startle some, “You mean you’re going to show up at work like this?”
Lady Loki CosplayNo…Although that is a spectacular costume!
I’m going to show up at work like this:
Loki Closet CosplayThe key to Closet Cosplay is that you use your bountiful creativity & fashion skills to take a costume & turn it into a date night or work or casual outfit. The master of this is DisneyBound. This tumblr is full of ensembles meant to imitate a beloved characters (mainly Disney but occasionally other fandoms). Definitely check it out to see how you can take one look and totally transform it!
Here’s a great example of this type of Closet Cosplay:
Winnie the Pooh Closet Cosplay

But what if you love the way that character looks all of the time? With cartoon characters you only see them in one or two outfits…if they even wear clothes at all! Individuals in TV shows or movies can be seen in multiple getups. Closet cosplay can all involve taking the way your favorite personage looks and using it as general style inspiration.
Here is an example of inspirational Closet Cosplay:John Watson Closet Cosplay

I am a full believe in expressing yourself in matters of media; so show who you are through your clothes. But also show who you want to be! I know that on days when I am feeling trapped I add a little ‘adventure’ to my life by pulling out something distinctly ‘Amy Pond.’ Or on days when I’m down I’ll pull out some jewel-tones to channel the optimism of Frozen’s Anna. Or if I need an ompf of confidence I’ll wear something that reminds me of any of my favorite heros or heroines, because it reminds me of the self-assurance I get when I am in costume.

Let me know who you’d like to Closet Cosplay and maybe I can help you with some ideas!
Love & Luck,


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