Passing the Time Until Sherlock is #221Back

Big News Sherlockians! Season 4 has been announced! …Well announced-ish… Along with a Christmas Special!!! Eeeek!!!

The BBC announced yesterday that we will be receiving a very special episode of Sherlock for Christmas in 2015. Filming will start early in 2015. And then to add to the excitement Season 4 will consist of another 3 episodes and will air some time in 2016. The only was this news could be more exciting would be if they had secretly already filmed it and we were getting to start watching now. Alas that I not the case and we have another long wait ahead of us. Boo. I do like knowing though. Knowing it’s far away is better than not knowing if it will even be made. Remember the agony of wondering about Season 3? Plus we are steadfast fans and we will wait (semi-)patiently for another dose of our favorite consulting detective and his trusty sidekick.

Here are a couple ideas to help you pass the time:

Sherlock Holmes Book#1 – Escape to Sherlock’s roots.
Why not read the books that inspired the show? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a compelling character with many of the quirks Benedict Cumberbatch constantly embodies, but also so many more. For instance, did you know that the literary Sherlock was recreational cocaine user? Pay particular attention to the forensic techniques the 19th century version of the character uses. While they seem perfectly normal to us present day folk they were not common police practices in Sir Arthur’s days. He actually invented many of these methods himself, and only later (when technological advances made it possible to perfect what was described in the written word in real life) did law enforcement adopt them.

#2 – Explore other Sherlock-centric works.So Many Sherlock Holmes
There are tons of them out there. Sherlock Holmes has actually been named the most commonly portrayed character on tv & film with 254 individual versions of the detective. That’s enough to watch a new one every second day until the impending Christmas episode.
Most recently Sherlock has been played by Robert Downey Jr in the Sherlock Holmes film series and by Johnny Lee Miller in CBS’s Elementary. Do I think either of these comes anywhere close to the BBC version? No. To be frank, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean we cant’s still enjoy the for what they are. I find it at eats mildly entertaining to see a different take on our favorite characters (such as Watson as a woman). If nothing else it will just cement in your mind how wonderful Benedict & Martin are and how lucky we are to have Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss in our lives.
If you are looking for something that is different enough to not be directly compared to the incomparable Sherlock take my obsessed-with-Sherlock-in-all-forms advice: The Great Mouse Detective. This Disney movie follows a Sherlock-esque plot line about an investigative rodent who lives in the floorboards of 221B Baker Street.

#3 – Use another fandom to help pass the time.
Considering we have a long wait I would recommend investing your time in a lengthy television series. Nothing makes time fly faster than spending ever waking hour glued to Netflix consecutively watching 8 seasons of an addicting new tv show. The obvious choice for a Sherlock fan is to branch out within SuperWhoLock. If you are new around here or have been living under a fangirl rock SuperWhoLock is a mega-fandom formed through the conglomeration of the Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms. The fact that fans created a multi-fandom fandom shows how in sync these shows really are. If you are purely of the Sherlock portion of this miscellany and are fearing branching out, Don’t! You’ll feel right at home with all the senseless murder…
Superwholock murderers …the feels-enducing deaths…
Superwholock death toll …and the too-much-sexual-tension-for-just-a-friendship bromances that exist in these ‘companion’ series.

#4 – Find a placeholder Bromance.Destiel - Dean + Castiel
Maybe it’s not the show itself that you are craving; maybe it’s the sexual tension constantly pulling Watson & Sherlock together. As mentioned above Supernatural will give you a solid fix of bromance. Early seasons feature a somehow not awkward tension between brothers Sam & Dean, which is combated in later seasons by the addition of the angel Castiel. He just loves Dean so much. And Dean can’t help but love him right back. Destiel forever.
Will an dJem ParabatiMy other favorite “they have to be closer than friends” male pairing exists in Cassandra Clare’s book series The Infernal Devices. This is the lesser known but better written prequel series to The Mortal Instruments. While I love TMI I find the prequel has more complex & captivating characters, better prose and a very addictive & dynamic plot. Plus it’s set in Victorian London and is centered around a duet of charming & charismatic boys: Will & Jem. Not only are the perfect together but they often emit a very Sherlock-&-Watson-esque vibe while trying to piece together the mysteries in their live. Seriously, I bet you can’t make it through the first chapter of the premier book in the trilogy ‘Clockwork Angel’ without the storytelling evoking images of our favorite crime-solving duo in your head.

#5 – Tumble your time away.
Tumblr is always there for you when you need it. I’m on there right now adding some Sherlockian love to my feed.

Hope this helps you get through this difficult time. Just remember: we are all in this together. Together we are stronger and can make it through this. So make sure to comment below with your time-passing ideas or just if you are in need of an awkward Sherlock-style pat on the back to make it through the rough months ahead.

Love & Luck,

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