1D: Then & Now

Today is the fourth anniversary of the creation of One Direction. I was not lucky enough to be a original Direction. Living in Canada I didn’t get to join in on their humble X-Factor beginnings…in real time at least. I have taken the time to watch that season of the show in it’s entirety since I discovered the band. It’s quite good and I would recommend it to any 1D or reality tv fans. One Direction we just a bunch of boys looking for their big break…
1D X-Factor AuditionHow cute are they?!? I could go into all of the details of the band’s formation, but you can read that on Wikipedia (or watch it on the X-Factor). That is not what this post is going to be about. Instead I wanted to take a brief, purely superficial look at how the boys have changed in the last 4 years. I won’t bore you with too much writing because I know you just want to drool over the photos; just know that:
1. One Direction grew up.
2. One Direction grew up right.
3. One Direction has recently learned the power of facial hear.
4. One Direction knows how to wear a scarf like a hunk.
5. 2013 was a stellar year for the band and their older fans…no longer are the boys “boys.”

Zayn Malik…King of Scruffy Facial Hair.
1D Zayn Malik Throught Years
Niall Horan has such a baby face, but is starting to come into his manliness.
1D Niall Horan Throught Years
Harry Styles has always been the heartthrob of the group but now he can make women of any age swoon (without feeling creepy about it).
1D Harry Styles Throught Years
Liam Payne some how went from awkward kid to full-blown underwear model in a matter of months. Thems some good genes.
1D Liam Payne Throught Years
Louis Tomlinson is my favorite…I think these photos illustrate why.
1D Louis Tomlinson Throught Years

Today I am not ashamed to tell the world that I am a Directioner, because when I get the standard “Aren’t they like 12?” response I can counter with photos like this:
1D Where We Are Tour
1D are boys no more…Welcome to hunky man-day gentlemen 😉

Love & Luck,


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