Guardians of the Galaxy in Your Life

Guardians of the Galaxy comes out today!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! If you are a Marvel fangirl like me this is very exciting news. I was a lucky girl and got to see the film last night. “How was it?” you ask.
I will admit that  went in with mixed feelings. I had full faith in Marvel’s ability to make epically wonderful films, but I couldn’t help but fear the cheese-factor a talking raccoon riding on the back of a walking tree. Were they going to be able to pull it off? Reader, if you are having similar fears let them go. Guardians of the Galaxy was possibly the best Marvel film yet. It was action-packed with a dynamic storyline of ups & downs & enough humour to give you an ab workout. Seriously. I laughed so much. There was a perfect balance of drama & comedy to keep things engaging & suspenseful, whilst not being too dark or heavy. On the drive home my companions and I tried to list our favorite parts or the best one-liners and we just couldn’t. There were too many gems included to be able to pick out just one. Plus the talking raccoon & tree-man totally stole the show. Somehow, despite being CGI, they were the characters I had the strongest emotionally connection to.

But you didn’t come here for a full movie review, did you? You’re a fangirl. You are either part of the fandom, willing to join the fandom, or you are just not having any of it. The first two will see the movie even if I told you it was absolute garabge. The worst kind of trash. (Don’t worry Team Marvel, it is not.) The last wouldn’t see it if I claimed it was the cinematic masterpiece of the century. In classic fandom wars style they would probably just accuse me of being biased…which I probably am. Even if you are someone who actually chooses what film to see based on what reviewers say, you are not likely to seek my opinion when there are people paid to do that job.

No, what you came here for was some color commentary and a lifestyle application of this fangirl happening. If you missed the commentary back-track up to the start of this article. As for the “Geek Lifestyle Blog” bit, what better way to celebrate the release of a cool new space movie than to galaxy up your life! I failed to mention before that Guardians of the Galaxy is a visually stunning movie. The plot is unfolding in front of a background of stars swirled up in clouds of colour and light. It’s truly beautiful. To add a touch of this into your everyday I’ve scoured the internet for some of the coolest ‘galaxy’ pieces out there…and I’m talking a variety of things from accessories to bedding to beauty products. Maybe try out a few and see if you start feeling like a GotG member! For the best effect you should immerse yourself in an extra-terrestrial atmosphere.

This is the Disclaimer section… I cannot vouch for the quality of any of these items. I do not own them; I have not tried them out. I just think they look way cool. I will always explicitly state if a product is one I have bought, tried or been asked to feature.

Photo 2014-08-01, 9 23 19 AM

Galaxy Leggings    (from multiple ebay sellers)
Patterned leggings are all the rage…probably because they’re super rad. But you know what can make them ever more incredible? Going for a galaxy print! Specialty legging retailers such as Black Milk offer great quality products hat look & feel great (I ❤ my Black milk leggings so hard) but for a more affordable option click on over to ebay. There are multiple sellers offering multiple designs at beyond reasonable prices. The photo above is my favorite color combination from this ebay store.

Shannon Clark for DENY Cosmic Duvet Cover   (from Urban Outfitters)
Feel like you’re setting off on a galactic adventure ever night when you tuck yourself in…plus everything you do in this bed should now be out of this world 😉 I love this pattern so much that I literally dream about this comforter at night. However if it’s a bit too space-in-your-face for you Urban Outfitters has two other designs that are colorful, fun and starry but more down-to-earth & subdued (Patterned + Quilt-Like).

Space Girl Bath Bomb     (from LUSH)
Nothing is more relaxing that a hot bath after a long day. And, in my opinion, no bath is complete without a LUSH bath bomb. This fizzy UFO is describe on the website as “Stella blackcurrant-y bath time invader”.

Galaxy Interstellar Space Hair Bow     (by littlehoneypies on Etsy)
Don’t forget about your hair while galaxy-orizing your life! Although a galaxy-effect ombré would be super cool I will never be brave enough to do it. Instead I’ll stick to hairbows! Who doesn’t love a good hairbow? The great things about this etsy shop is that they offer the same bows in a bow tie style!

Galaxy Shower Curtain     (from Café Press)
While the one pictures would be my choice for a space-theme bathroom Café Press has tons of gorgeous digitally created and hubble-photo inspired designs for shower curtains.

Petite Solar System Planet and Nebula Bracelet     (by jerseymaids on Etsy)
Ever wanted to have your very own solar system? Now you can, and it’s so compact you can wear it on your wrist. I think these are the cutest and have already ordered myself a set (because I think they look my more effective as a set).

Constellation Lamp   (from Urban Outfitters)
Not only does this modern cylindrical lamp look awesome in its own right, but it probably creates cool patterns on the walls from all of the side cut-outs. This is definitely on my “Want” List.

Outer Space Artisan Soap     (by SoapForYourSoul on Etsy)
This is the coolest. I never thought I’d say that about soap, but this is soap with entire planets in it. Guest will think you’re the coolest too when they are washing their hands with a solar system!

Galaxy Wrapping Paper     (by NormansPrintery on Etsy)
I saved the best for last! Galaxy Wrapping Paper. Where have you been all of my life? As someone who ranks shopping for wrapping ribbon as one of her favorite Christmas traditions I freaked over this quirky paper. It is already on route to my house along with another unique gift wrap pack or two from the same Etsy shop.

You can find more awesome out of this world items on Etsy in my Treasury “Across the Galaxy“.

Now head off to Infinity & Beyond and make the most of every day, you crazy space-invaders!

Love & Luck,

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