YouTube is a Thing

My phone just ‘ding‘ed at me when I sat down to prepare a post for my blog tonight. The following message was from my roommate and left me needing to write a little social commentary.

“I’m watching the Teen Choice Awards and they gave an award for ‘Choice Internet Star’ or something like that. Basically Youtubing is totally a thing.”

The award was actually for ‘Choice Web Star’ and there was both a female & a male winner announced. And I realize that myself and my roommate are not teens anymore, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed a bit of clean fun now & then. But that’s besides the point…the point is that she was surprised that internet personalities were getting recognition alongside well-known tv & film actors. That online media was getting similar attention to more classic mediums.

This is something that has come up a lot with me lately as my YouTube obsession is reaching new & almost life-devistatingly high level. Conversations vary in cluelessness, from my sister asking me if she could have/does already have a YouTube account, to my cousin asking for channel recommendations, and my mom misunderstanding the entire premise of vlogging. YouTube has become a part of my daily life so I forget that many people no only haven’t embraced it yet, but don’t even realize there is something to embrace! So here is my number one recommendation to all of you fanboys & fangirls: Try Out YouTube!

Fanpeople (yes I’m coining that phrase) live online. It’s how fantoms grow. It how fandom members bond. Its why we all look so tired all the time. But sometimes we just get stuck scrolling through tumblr for 16 hours without food or rest…or bathroom breaks…or blinking. Switch it up by watching a video or two! There are channels to appeal to everyone! Here’s how it works:
1. Search for a key word related to your fandom
2. Click a video. The view count is usually a good indication as to whether something is worth the click…especially if you’re new to the YouTube community.
3. If you like the clip check out the creator’s channel. Most quality YouTube content is made by consistent post-ers who upload daily/weekly/monthly/etc.
4. Things will snowball from there and soon you will stop watching television (and sleeping) and just watch lively, attention grabbing (and holding as they are usually only 3-15 minutes long) videos. Or is that just me?

Here are tonight’s Teens Choice Awards winners to get you started:
Tyler Oakley (I’m Subscribed to him…he’s hilarious)

Bethany Mota (I’m not subscribed. Instead I follow some other beauty bloggers that are less obnoxious…in my opinion)

Remember, YouTube isn’t just for stupid stunts-gone-wrong and cat videos anymore!
Love & Luck,

Check out more YouTube recommendations by clicking the banner below:
Banner - More YouTube


  • So happy I could serve as your inspiration tonight!


  • I love YouTubers! They remind me that I am not alone in the world with all my mundane struggles and existential crises (danisnotonfire, you see) Haha! 😀


  • I love YouTube too! My only regret is that I didn’t embrace it sooner! I had a friend in school who was a YouTuber like four/five years ago and went to SiTC when it was starting and everything. She’s best friends with lots of big YouTubers. I remember talking to her two years ago about her channel and I just didn’t really get it, but now that I do I would say not starting my own channel back then and waiting until it was more of a thing is my biggest regret in life! YouTube is going to dominate pop culture. Everybody should at least try it because if they don’t, they’re going to be left way behind.


    • I agree that YouTube is going to bowl over more conventional media in the coming years.
      Does your friend still have her channel? I’d love to check it out if she does! I’m always up for new recommendations!


      • She does! She hasn’t uploaded in a while but she’s restarting on it in December. It’s HeresKellie. Mine’s jessiblahtv if you want to check it out too, haha. (I learned my shameless self-promo from watching Tyler!)


      • Haha it’s all about the self-promotion! I’ve considered starting a channel just to try it out but I’m still feeling a bit self-conscious about the whole thing.


      • I think most people feel that way. Nobody will know about it unless you tell them though, and the YouTube community are lovely and so supportive. 🙂


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