August High Five: OTPs

For a nonromantic I’ve been pretty obsessed with shipping lately. I don’t know why but I’m pairing things off like it’s the apocalypse and everyone & everything needs to enjoy the last few precious hours they have remaining.
Talking about two friends… “I’d ship it.”
Reading about two obscure characters… “I’d ship it.”
Watching a YouTube collab… “I’d ship it.”
Seeing a house plant next to my phone on my desk… “I’d ship it.”
For this month’s Top 5 countdown (aka my August High Five) I did some serious soul-searching and managed to distinguish my be-all-to-end-all, ‘I will go down with this ship’, fight it out to the death, favorite pairings. Here are my Top 5 OTPs!

“But Wait Kris!” you exclaim. “Didn’t you say in your Fangirl Glossary that OTP means ONE True Pairing? How can you have a top 5?”
Very astute reader. OTP does, in fact, stand for One True Pairing. When shipping some of your pairings will come to mean more to you than others. This leads to having OTPs. While you might change your mind with time or your mood or the cycle of the moon as to who best compliments a certain personality, OTPs do not waver. You do not condone its members having flirtations or dalliances with any other. You could organize fact-based arguments to convince someone to join your team. You would be willing to go to “Shipping War” should anyone attack your choice. And you are prepared to metaphorically “go down with the ship” (as any good captain would) should canon choose to squash your hopes and dreams. This pairing is your one true desire.

That being said, any fangirl or fanboy reading this can back me up that it doesn’t mean you can only have one. For a hard-core fangirl there are simply too many enticing characters in your life to have only a single predominant ship. Therefore OTPs go by fandom. If you are a member of multiple fandoms (as pretty much every fangirl ever is…it’s a slippery slope once you get started) you get to have multiple OTPs. You’re Harry Potter OTP doesn’t make your Hunger Games OTP any less important to you, and vise versa. They can coexists…although, like any creator, you’ll always have your favorites (any parent who says they don’t is totally lying). Your OTPs might shuffle around in ranking depending on what movie just premiered or how much screen time a specific match-up is currently getting. I’ve put mine into a countdown of my five favorites at this moment, culminating in my One True OTP! My OTOTP…but I’m not going to add that to the Glossary as I just made it up and it’s not a real thing.

When I sat down to prepare this list I immediately jotted down 4 sets of names. Then I sat there starring at my paper while a battalion of ships floated through my head. Picking my fifth favorite pairing was actually really difficult. Apparently there are 4 relationships that I am obviously most invested in…then there are 6 or 8 that sit on equal ground. Should I be swayed by the binge-watching of Teen Wolf I did last night and pick Stydia (despite what happens this season I will not waver)? Should I go with my top slash pairing and discuss Destiel (or Johnlock…it’s a close race)? In the end I picked:
#5 – Will/Tessa/Jem
Will Herondale +Tessa Grey + Jem Carstairs
The Infernal Devices Trilogy
It seems like I’m cheating to when I ship three people together, but it’s not that I just couldn’t decide who Tessa should be with. It is that these three belong together as one big threesome. As my friend KG discussed in her post debunking ‘Love Triangles’ this is the one legitimate case where a love triangle exists. All three love each other equally. I’m happy with any pairing within the three (including Will & Jem…actually especially Will & Jem) but I am happiest when they are all together. Cassandra Clare tried to give us the most satisfying ending possible, but what I wanted was a 3-person marriage. Sure it’s not technically legal, but Shadowhunters live by their own laws, don’t they?
I wish a movie of this existed so I had a picture of these three canoodling in ‘real life.’
OTP - Will + Tessa + Jem (Infernal Devices)#4 – Victorie & Teddy
Victorie Weasley & Teddy Lupin
Harry Potter
This is probably my most obscure pairing, not because they aren’t conventionally matched up but because they are barely-included, undeveloped characters in an iconic, character-based, 8-book series. Victorie is literally only mentioned once in the Epilogue. But that one mention has her snogging Teddy…and another ship sets sail! It’s not that I don’t believe in the JK Rowling’s established canon couples (Harry & Ginny: Totally – Ron & Hermione: Obviously – Lily & James: Perfect) or the most popular fanfiction pairings (Hermione & Draco: Why not – Lupin & Sirius: I’m on Board – Harry & Malfoy: Ok Sure), I’ve just always been drawn to the Next Generation. Maybe it’s my unfulfilled desire to continue on in the Harry Potter universe coming to the surface. Maybe it’s the endless possibilities of a story unwritten. All I know is that Teddy & Victorie would inevitably be a kick-ass couple.
P.S. How amazing are these drawings?!? Burdge on deviant Art. Check it out. Seriously. Amazing!
OTP - Victorie + Teddy (Harry Potter)#3 – Jon x Dany
Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryan
Game of Thrones
In canon these characters have never met. They don’t even know the other exists. But all I want in life (and by life I mean Game of Thrones) is for them to meet, team up to destroy the ‘Usurpers,’ and live happily ever after ruling Westros while raising a family of direwolf pups & dragon babies. Imagine the hair on those children.
They are the perfect compliment to each other: Jon’s cool calm (like the frozen north) and Dany’s fiery temper & passion (like dragon’s flame). The series is called A Song of Ice & Fire after all…it’s right there in the title, therefore it must be! Plus they’re probably two of a very small number of characters (in a book series full of about a million people you are expected to keep straight) that have proven themselves as possibly equipped to rule a kingdom. Now they just have to stay alive long enough to make my fantasies a reality.
Your OTP becoming canon = Every fangirl’s dream!
OTP - Jon + Dany (Game of Thrones)#2 – The Ponds
Amy Pond & Rory Williams
Doctor Who
I know, I know…Could I get any more canon? These two are ‘The Ponds’. They’re married. They have a child together (no matter how timey-wimey old she is). They have basically never been shipped with anyone else (with the exception of Amy’s minor early flirtation with the Doctor) in canon or, from what I’ve seen on the internet, by fans. No one wants to deny these two are meant to be together forever and ever and ever and back in time to do it all again!
So why do I pick this ship as my OTP over the much more tragic pairs of Rose & Ten or Eleven & River? It’s not that I don’t believe in those…especially Ten & Rose. Doomsday makes me weep like nothings else can. But when it comes to where my heart truly lies in the DW Fandom, I have learned to reluctantly accept the Doctor without Rose while the idea of the Ponds not being together gives me heart palpitations. I would be willing to fight to the death Roman Gladiator style (in honor of Rory obviously) to defend this pairing. I mean seriously:
OTP - Amy  + Rory (Doctor Who)#1 – Clintasha
Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) and Natasha Romanowski (Black Widow)
Marvel’s Avengers
My general favoritism for Hawkeye doesn’t hurt with my unwavering commitment to this ship. But still…these two… I wish the Marvel movies would stop tempting us with Clintasha teasers (What actually happened in Budapest?) and Easter eggs (The arrow necklace!) and just make these two canon already! Along with that they could also answer my number oen Marvel question: Where was Hawkeye during Captain America 2? Seriously. I know in my heart he would have been helping Nat out if he could.
Interviews with members of the Avengers cast & crew have let slip that we learn more about the relationship between Nat & Clint in Age of Ultron, but not what the nature of that relationship actually is. I guess we’ll find out in May 2015. In the meantime, trolling tumblr on a Clintasha tag is a favorite pastime of mine.
OTP - Clintasha (Marvel Avengers)Who are your top OTPs? Let me know in the comments below…but please don’t let this start any shipping wars! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions…even if they are wrong because your pairing is obviously perfect & totally in love & destined to be together forever! 😉 Let’s just share the fangirl love!

Love & Luck,

High Five is a Monthly Top 5 List on whatever subject interests me at the time! Countdown with me through my current best & brightest! Check out more High Fives here!



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