1989 Review – Part 2

Welcome back! Or for those of you who haven’t checked out part 1 of this review, you can do so here. Below, I will pick up where I left off yesterday – so cue up your copy of 1989 and feel free to listen along with me!Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - All You Had To Do Was Stay 1Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - All You Had To Do Was Stay 2Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - All You Had To Do Was Stay 3 Track 5 – All You Had To Do Was Stay
Overall, the three of us were underwhelmed with this song relative to the rest of the album, but as Kris put it: “If it’s not Ed Sheeran, One Direction, or Taylor Swift, it’s not better than that song. But that song is not my favourite”. What did you expect us to compare it to? You are on My Fangirl Life.

I do quite enjoy the melody, sound, and beat of this song, but it just doesn’t speak to me the same way that many of the other tracks on this album do. I think the other issue I have with it is that it does treat relationships a little more simply than the rest of this album does. Just staying is never the solution – you have to choose to stay and choose to make a relationship work. I do appreciate the fact that Taylor is saying “I know you want me back now, but you had your chance to stay and you didn’t so it’s over”. She’s sticking to her guns on this one.
Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - Shake It Off 1Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - Shake It Off 3Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - Shake It Off 2
Track 6 – Shake It Off
Kris already did a review of this song when it first came out – check it out here.

There are only a couple notes I’d like to add after a few months of listening to “Shake It Off”. The three of us agree that this song is super catchy and super fun, and the more we listen to it the more we love it. So with it having been out for a few months without too much other Taylor to listen to, we are all big fans at this point.

This song is the most direct embodiment of the message of the entire album – I am who I am, and it doesn’t matter what you think. It was the perfect first single to be released.
Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - I Wish You Would 2Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - I Wish You Would 3 Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - I Wish You Would 4Track 7 – I Wish You Would
This song is about a relationship that ended, to Taylor’s regret. At the time she thought it was what she wanted, but now she looks back and wishes that she hadn’t let it happen. Despite the fact that she wishes she hadn’t screwed up, Taylor has accepted it and knows that going back isn’t possible.

This track is very musically complex. There are many changes to the feel and beat throughout, but it still all comes together to sound like the same song. Kris and Justine like this song a lot more than I do, but it’s still Taylor Swift and therefore still awesome.

Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - Bad Blood 3Track 8 – Bad Blood
I love the vibe of this song, and I think some of the lyrics are very clever (you know, pretty typical Taylor Swift). The difference with this song is that it isn’t about an ex… it’s rumoured to be about Katy Perry, who hired a bunch of dancers away from Taylor’s stadium tour. TSwift once again calls someone out for dissing her!

In contrast to “I Wish You Would”, Justine and Kris didn’t like this song as much as I did – but maybe the only reason I like it so much is because I heard that it’s Ed Sheeran’s favourite on the album. His reflected glow is making it seem even more awesome than it is. Either way, I can’t help but chair dance when this song is on. Plus the line “band-aids don’t fix bullet holes” is pretty darn epic.

Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow for part 3 of this series.
– KG

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