1989 Review – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of this 1989 review series. If you haven’t seen them already, check out Part 1 and Part 2. Quick update for all of you: This album has been out for 4 days and I am still listening to it obsessively on repeat. My play count is definitely through the roof.

Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - Wildest Dreams 1Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - Wildest Dreams 2 Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - Wildest Dreams 3Track 9 – Wildest Dreams
The imagery and words in this song are some of my favourites. I can’t get over the line “He’s so tall and handsome as hell/He’s so bad but he does it so well”. And as I wrote that, I heard about 6 other lines that I wanted to quote in this paragraph as well, so I’ll stop there and let you enjoy the photos that Kris created for this post.

The lyrics in this song are a lot more risqué than you would have heard on any TSwift album before this one. The maturity in them really does show how much she has grown up and developed as an artist. Also, this is another very real look at a relationship – it’s not necessarily going to last forever, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - How You Get The Girl 1Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - How You Get The Girl 3 Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - How You Get The Girl 2Track 10 – How You Get the Girl
I have to say, I got a little stumped at what to write about this song. Kris, Justine, and I are in agreement about this track being our least favourite on the album. I think it’s the fact that compared to the rest of the album it seems a little juvenile, and the lyrics are nowhere near as complex as any other song. That being said, I think this song might be an attempt to give her younger fans a bit of the idealized, fairytale-telling Taylor Swift that they are used to.

Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - This Love 1 Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - This Love 2 Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - This Love 3Track 11 – This Love
This song is so absolutely beautiful, soft, and intimate. The beginning just feels like it draws you right in, and all of the imagery in the lyrics is really vivid. I am a big fan of the way this song places contrasting phrases together to tell the story of a love that left her and all the conflicting feelings that go along with that. When she was alone, she still felt that love and hung onto it, and in the end it came back to her.

Kris, Justine, and I all agree that this is a calm and beautiful break in the middle of the album. I love the way Taylor’s voice is layered over itself to create this totally ethereal, breathless, melodic sound.

Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - I Know Places 1 Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - I Know Places 4 Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics - I Know Places 2Track 12 – I Know Places
This is one of my favourite tracks on the album. I love everything about it, from the dark, haunting, and dangerous sound, to the comparison of the paparazzi or the haters to hunters, to pretty much every single line of the song. This track is an excellent example of how Taylor is able to use the actual music of the song to directly embody the story she is telling. The unique sound on “I Know Places” is not like any song I’ve heard before.

Kris pointed out to me that it is interesting that Taylor identifies herself and her lover as foxes throughout the song. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift once went on a very well-publicized outing to the zoo in New York. The photos from this outing are all over the internet, and in them, Taylor Swift is wearing a fox shirt. Coincidence?

There you have it! That is Part 3… tune in tomorrow to read our final thoughts on “Clean” and the bonus tracks. And tune in the day after for a bonus post on 1989 (because you really never can have enough…).


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