Autumn Book Haul

It is autumn! Hallelujah! This is the season to be outside & loving life! There are fun holidays! There are pretty colors! And the world is a temperature that actually makes me want to be outside. As a vampire who lives in the frozen north I struggle with both the summer sun & frigid winters. The fall season is perfect. So over the next few months (or weeks…or days…as up here snow can stick at any time) I’m going to be laying a blanket in the crunching leaves and borrowing my nose in these books I have recently acquired:

Autumn Book Haul - The Iron Trial     Autumn Book Haul - The Giver     Autumn Book Haul - Fan Art
The Iron Trial
(Magisterium #1) by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

It took Kristin & I awhile to find this novel at the bookstore. I assumed it was a teen series…it was a bit of a blow when I realized it was in the 9-12 Young Readers section. No big deal. Just a grown woman buying a children’s book. The staff were very understanding however. We spent some time bonding with the fangirls working the YA section & checked-out and even exchanged recommendations. They swore I’d enjoy the first installment of this new series. And why wouldn’t I? I’m a big fan of both of these authors. The Mortal Instruments was addicting, I’m passionately in LOVE with the Infernal Devices and I found myself thoroughly enraptured with the Curse Workers series. The Magisterium series takes place in an equally compelling universe with characters that draw you in to the story. Sitting halfway through this book I’m curious for its conclusion and look forward to the continuation of Callum, Tamara & Aaron’s adventures.

The Giver by Lois Lowry
I was inspired to read this book again by with the release of the film adaptation. I didn’t actually see the movie; it just reminded me how much I enjoy this grade-school novel study. I’m currently halfway though.
I will definitely check out the movie now, as well as the sequels. Did you know The Giver had sequels? While they do not share the same protagonist, Lowry has released 3 more novels set in the same future time period (making up The Quartet series). For anyone who finds dystopian universes fascinating here is one that was invented before Hunger Games made it into a popular fad.

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay
It seems that each of my Book Hauls are going to contain a novel mined out of depths my Goodreads “To Read” list. I’m not sure how this book ended up there. I’m not sure I’ll like it. The ratings on Goodreads are varied so I guess I’ll have to see for myself….I’ll post my own review on my profile when I’ve finished it.

Autumn Book Haul - To All The Boys I've Loved Before     Autumn Book Haul - The Rosie Project     Autumn Book Haul - Identity Crisis
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
by Jenny Han

When Lara Jean’s secret box of unsent love letters ends up in the mail she must face all of the crushes she never admitted she had. As someone who is less than great at putting herself out there the plot description instantly strikes a chord with me. I remember having my first crush. I also remember him never knowing. What would I do if he found out about it now? I doubt Kevin Student is reading this post, but in case he is:
Hey dude. Long time no see. Remember when we used to pretend the playground allowed us to travel to different worlds? And how we for some reason had to do it in pairs? I always wanted to pair up with you because I thought you were the cutest.
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…there is tons of praise for this YA novel among book bloggers; it was time I gave it a try. While it seems awfully romance based for me, I’m assuming there will be plenty of angst & awkwardness. Which are my favorite.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
My mom loves to recommend books for me. She flys through novels like they’re picture books, both because she enjoys the pastime and because she reads at the speed of light. Sometimes she finishes a novel & thinks, “I bet Kris would love this,” and it was never more pronounced than with The Rosie Project. As a socially anxious, nerdy engineer she thought I would associate with the protagonist…or that I could at least see my past classmates in him. Genetics professor Dom Tillman creates ‘The Wife Project’ as a way to logic out his perfect match. (I’m into that) Along the way he changes course to help Rosie with ‘The Father Project’ and ends up on a journey he never expected. (I’m definitely into that)
It is about time I read this novel, considering the hype for it was approximately a year ago and the sequel The Rosie Effect is already out!

Identity Crisis by Brad Metzer
This comic miniseries is insane. A friend recommended it to me, promising it would give me ‘the feels.’ And the feels it gave! So many feels. It opens with the immediate reactions of the Justice League members to a brutal murder. The story unfolds with mystery and emotion as everyone fears for their lives and lives of those they love. You will find yourself caring deeply for characters you barely knew existed (or had previously paid so little attention to that they barely registered as real characters). You will watch different sides of your favorite, well-known characters come to light. I cannot recommend this enough to any comic-reader…note I didn’t say comic enthusiast because I am certain anyone who really loves comics will have picked this up some time in the last 10 years.

Autumn Book Haul - AttachmentsAttachments by Rainbow Rowell
I put requests in at my local library for all of Rainbow Rowell’s books immediately after finishing Fangirl. I absolutely loved that novel. The characters were so relatable, realistic college students & hard-core fandom folks, or at least relatable to my life. Of course the rest of my city had the same reactions to this author. The Wait List seems never ending on each & every one of Rowell’s books.
I’ve already tackled this novel; I devoured it as soon as it became available. I was not disappointed. Rowell’s light tone and conversational writing style drew me in…obviously that’s a style I can get down with. She makes romance bearable, even enjoyable. It’s not all tragic star-crossed lovers finding themselves in a never-ending stream of perfect moments. Instead it’s awkward and embarrassing. But also sweet and simple. It’s the kind of love I can actually imagine happening…and the kind of love I want to find. Don’t tell, but I can’t wait until another of Rowell’s novels becomes available to me so it can continue to slowly melt my frozen heart.

To keep up with what I am reading follow me on Goodreads. I’ll post reviews of these and other books as I finish them! You can also check out what I am currently listening to in my Autumn Audiobook Haul.
Happy Reading!
Love & Luck,

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