Confessions of a First Time Cosplayer – Part 2

Unfortunately, I don’t know if this can become a regular series since you can really only be a first time cosplayer once. That being said, I’m going to stretch my first cosplay experience to encompass my entire first weekend. You can read about how and why I was convinced to take part in such a ridiculous (and awesome) pastime here. In today’s post, I will take you on a journey through yet another excellent piece of Closet Cosplay.

I enjoyed my first day of cosplaying so thoroughly that I was an easy sell on attending on Sunday. There was only one problem – what to wear? Kris and Justine were planning to wear some very serious dresses from Game of Thrones. Despite the fact that my outfit was quite thrown-together on my first day, it was still a hit because it jived with what the rest of my group was wearing. There was no way I could possibly come up with something to go along with Game of Thrones on such short notice.Game of Thrones Cosplay - Sansa + MargaeryOr was there? The moment we had this idea, I was sold. I wasn’t really sure how well I would pull it off, or whether people would understand. It seemed even more unlikely that anyone would recognize me than the time I was Nick Fury. But I had to try it. We had come up with an epic idea: George R. R. Martin.

Who is George R. R. Martin, you ask? Well, here is a photo for you:
George RR Martin Cosplay TwinsYes, that is the great George R. R. Martin. If you still haven’t figured it out, he is the author of the Game of Thrones novels. George seems to almost always appear in plaid old man shirts with suspenders, grandpa glasses, and that ridiculous hat with a turtle pin. Easy enough to pull together, I figured.

Luckily Kris dresses like a hipster/old man most of the time, so she had a plaid grandpa shirt and a pair of red suspenders on hand, as well as a comparable hat! I picked up some glasses at the drug store, then found a pineapple pin (the closest thing I had to a turtle), threw on some jean shorts and brown boots, and added a name tag saying “I will kill all of your favourite characters”. I then grabbed a copy of the Game of Thrones novel to carry around for the day. I was ready to go. Would people understand my costume? I was nervous.
Game of Thrones Cosplay - George RR MartinThe best thing I had going for me was that I spent the day walking around with the greatest accessories – the characters George created! Many people wanted Kris and Justine’s pictures as their Sansa and Margaery costumes were second to none. Most of these people looked at me and said “Who the hell are you? Get out of my picture!”. But the few that understood absolutely adored my costume and usually killed themselves laughing. One guy even understood what I was right away, without Kris and Justine even in the vicinity. In this costume, I felt like one of the elite of the nerd world. The hardcore Game of Thrones fans, the book fans – they knew who I was. The recent or show-only fans? No idea.

I really enjoyed the fact that my George R. R. Martin costume felt like an inside joke. Costumes like that are the best – the clever ones that haven’t really been done before. I checked on Instagram. Small, blonde girls don’t cosplay George R. R. Martin every day. I can’t wait until someone else does that search and finds my pictures!

Being George R. R. Martin felt completely different from being Nick Fury, but I still enjoyed myself greatly. It is fun to dress like someone else for a day. The joke between Kris, Justine, and myself was that I was their “publicist” – you know, I was the reason they were famous. It gave me an excellent excuse to hand out cards promoting this blog to those that took pictures of them in their dresses!

Speaking of pictures, this costume allowed us to brainstorm some excellent and clever poses. We took several photos of Kris, Justine, or other Game of Thrones characters on their knees begging me to let them live. I found a pen and we took pictures of me threatening Kris and Justine with it as though it was a sword. We also took one of me sitting on the ground, while they snuck up behind me as though they were entering my imagination. I think that these photos are some of my favourites of the weekend, mostly because much of the world might not understand.

Game of Thrones Cosplay - Sansa + Margaery + George Martin 3
Game of Thrones Cosplay - Sansa + Margaery + George Martin 4
Game of Thrones Cosplay - Sansa + Margaery + George Martin 1

So there you have it – before I knew it, my first ever weekend of cosplay was over. I guess that means I’m now one of these weird people. You know the ones. The adults that dress up in ridiculously true-to-screen costumes and parade around at Comic Expos. The ones that post pictures of themselves recreating their characters’ poses from screen. The people that choose to never grow up.


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