The NEW My Fangirl Life

If you’re following My Fangirl Life you may have noticed I took a brief hiatus a few weeks ago. While the insane business of my life was partially to blame, I’ve also been making plans and instituting some changes here on the site. The biggest of these twists, turns & tweaks is that My Fangirl Life will no longer just be about MY fangirl life. I have a personal blog for that (cue the self-promotion of My Pigeon-Toed Life). Instead I will be collaborating with a collection of other awesome nerds to bring you a higher quantity of high quality content. These contributors have already started to appear and a few more will pop up soon. If you’re curious about who we are, everyone will be listed on a page linked in the top menu as their involvement becomes more frequent. Don’t worry, I will continue to post about what I am thinking/doing/reading/watching/obsessing over. You are not escaping my ramblings yet 😉 But I want this to be a place where the “My” applies to everyone. More writers mean more opinions, more viewpoints, and ultimately more fandoms. Hopefully the wider scope will allow each and every reader to look at this space and think “Wow, this really is about my life as a fangirl (or fanboy, of course).” Because the fandom community is nothing if not inclusive! We may go through the odd tough spot (with infighting and shipping wars) but in the end this is a safe space where you can love ANYTHING you want to love!

So welcome to My Fangirl Life, a site about my fangirl life and hopefully about yours!

Love & Luck,

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