24 Things To Do While You Are Waiting For The New One Direction Album To Come Out

Calling all fangirls! I am sure you already know that One Direction’s new album is coming out on Monday, and that they’ve been teasing us by releasing a new track from the album every day for the past week. If you haven’t heard any of it already, go ahead and pre-order Four and get started!

If you’re not into that preordering thing – or you’ve already exhausted the songs that have come out so far by overplaying – then I am about to provide you with some valuable information. Here is a list of 20 things to do while you wait for the new 1D album to come out:

1. Listen to the already released songs from Four on repeat (unless you are one of the previously-mentioned people who have listened them to death already… in that case, move to activity 2).

2. Look up the lyrics to the new songs so that you are sure you are ready to belt it at a moment’s notice.

3. Make lyric photos from the new songs from Four like we enjoy doing here on My Fangirl Life. Collage them all and set them as your desktop background. Here are some examples from Fireproof:

One Direction Lyrics - Fireproof 2One Direction Lyrics - Fireproof 3One Direction Lyrics - Fireproof 1

4. Start a secret Pinterest board and pin your fave pictures of the boys ALL over it. Or a public one, if that’s how you roll I guess.

5. Youtube all of 1D’s music videos and watch each of them 7 times. Once to just enjoy it at the beginning, one time with total focus on each individual boy, and then one time at the end to appreciate the overall masterpiece a final time.

6. Check out TSwift’s new album, 1989. Because it’s awesome and we love her here on My Fangirl Life. Check out how much by clicking the banner below. Plus many of these songs are rumoured to be about Harry.

Taylor Swift on My Fangirl Life Banner
7. Make a ranking from best to worst for every 1D song ever. Hint: Last place goes to “Na Na Na” in my books.

8. Go back and watch the boys on their season of X-Factor UK. Fangirl over that magic moment by Simon’s pool… *stares off into the distance dreamily*

9. Stalk the boys on Twitter to find out where they are/who they are with at all times. Start here or here.

10. Fan fiction. Read it, write it – I don’t care. All your wildest dreams can come alive in fan fiction.

11. Go on Etsy or the One Direction Store and buy some merchandise. You can never have enough!

12. Check out Ticketmaster to see if 1D is coming to a town near you on their “On the Road Again” Tour. Purchase tickets.

13. Go on Pinterest or Tumblr and look for 1D Imagines. Find your favourite and fangirl with a friend. Here are some of my favourites:

One Direction Imagines

14. Make your own 1D Imagines.

One Direction Imagines

15. Look up One Direction Preferences and see all the cool stuff you could have if you were dating your favourite member of the band.

One Direction Preferences

16. Download a One Direction trivia app and test your knowledge.

17. Listen to all 1D music ever and play the “Who’s singing now?” game. Some My Fangirl Life members are better at it than others…

18. Check out the boys’ appearance schedule for the week of the album release and set your DVR to record everything. Start here.

19. Play the One Direction board game… though this is nowhere near as fun as the Justin Bieber board game, for the record.

One Direction Justin Bieber Board Games

20. Watch the One Direction: This Is Us movie. Bonus points for the 3D version.

21. Go down the internet wormhole by watching all the boys’ old video diaries from during the XFactor and just after. Squeal over how young they look and how silly they are.

22. Go through your wardrobe and find ways to dress in outfits inspired by members of One Direction.


23. Read all the 1D books you can find – official, unofficial… who cares?

24. Play your own game of “Megamind” or “Spin the Harry”… not too sure how you would do this without Harry, but use your imagination.

Hope this helps you to enjoy counting down the hours!



Bonus Activity:

Check out more One Direction on My Fangirl Life by clicking the banner below!

One Direction on My Fangirl Life Banner


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