1D Four: Reviews in 140 Characters or Less (Part 1)

We at My Fangirl Life love us some One Direction, so naturally when it came time to review FOUR everyone volunteered. To be fair we brainstormed ways that everyone could get involved without ending up with 80 posts. The answer: Twitter-Friendly Reviews! Here are our thoughts on each track of 1D’s new album in 140 characters or less. Before we begin, here are the players:

KG: Diehard Directioner & Emotional Romantic. Liam <3.
Justine: Also Emotional. Also Romantic. Newer to the Fandom. (Directioner-in-Training, if you will)
Kris: (That’s Me!) Dedicated 1D Fangirl. Self-Proclaimed Unromantic. Lover of Upbeat Anthems.
Johnny Rico: A grown man who indulges us by mangirling over boybands & whatever other fandom we’re currently obsessing about.

Let’s get started!

One Direction Four Lyrics - Steal My Girl 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Steal My Girl 2
Track #1 – Steal My Girl
KG: I like the transition from “I’m going to take your girl” on Midnight Memories to “Get away from my girl” on Four.
Justine: From the first song on the album we get to see a sweeter, more romantic 1D than we’ve ever seen before.
Kris: This song grew on me. At first I thought it was a regression sound-wise but now I appreciate the maturity of their new grounded sound.
Johnny Rico: A song about an insecure guy “claiming” a girl in hopes of making her feel comfortable in the relationship. Enjoyed the pop-bluesy feel.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Ready to Run 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Ready to Run 2
Track #2 – Ready to Run
KG: Some of my fave 1D songs are those with a “Mumford & Sons” vibe. This one def does & I think it is a great stylistic choice for the boys.
Justine: This song makes me want to pack my bags and run away on an adventure. Cue scene in my head of lions running across the African plains.
Kris: #favetrack It speaks to my wanderlust and makes love sound like an adventure…much more appealing than sickly-sweet love songs.
Johnny Rico: Now here’s a pop song: hopeful, inspirational, and peppy. It sounds like a 2014 version of a Norman Rockwell painting.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Where Do Broken Hearts Go 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Where Do Broken Hearts Go 2
Track #3 – Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
KG: Broken hearts go to that dive bar alone. They walk themselves home. They binge watch rom-coms on Netflix. Start there, boys. #greatlyrics
Justine: I enjoy the idea of broken hearts as objects. Like we could just rip them out, put them in a cupboard and move on. #ouat
Kris: I’m obsessed with this track lyrically. The imagery is so vivid. Hit me straight in the feels the first time I read the words.
Johnny Rico: Is this a break up song? Because the boys seem pretty darn upbeat about it. Like there’s an obligation to be heartbroken, buuuut…

One Direction Four Lyrics - 18 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - 18 2
Track #4 – 18
KG: 1D + Ed Sheeran x FOUR = 18. But seriously though. This song is beautiful and just what I would expect from one written by Ed. #math
Justine: When I first heard this song I didn’t like it. I thought it was a sappy high school love song. Listening again I’m glad this is not the case.
Kris: Ed Sheeran is a ginger genius. That is all. #truelove #soulmate #sexybeast
Johnny Rico: A saccharine sweet ballad about youthful love. You know, back when bad decisions seem like good ideas.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Girl Almighty 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Girl Almighty 2
Track #5 – Girl Almighty
KG: “Her light is as loud as as many ambulances/As it takes to save a savior” – Were they creating a tongue twister? What does that even mean?
Justine: This song is great…if you don’t actually listen to what they’re saying. “There’s something happening here”. What is it?
Kris: Fun & Upbeat. But wtf on the lyrics? It sounds like drug-addled nonsense. Their “I am the Walrus”. #coocoocachew
Johnny Rico: A song that gets you grounded with your roots and sends you out to the branches at the same time. That’s a metaphor.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Fools Gold 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Fools Gold 2
Track #6 – Fool’s Gold
KG: Don’t regret that Fool’s Gold? You sure will when you try to take it to the market. 1D can go to the market, right? But for real, love the imagery.
Justine: This song sounds pretty with pretty lyrics. It’s especially pretty when they sing the song title. Plus I like birds.
Kris: Slow and emotional never gets me, but the lyrics are redeeming. I’m looking at it as mature, and not naive.
Johnny Rico: The thing about fools gold is you know it’s not real. This is a cautionary ballad wrapped in a blanket of mournful inevitability.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2: Tracks 7-12!
Love & Luck,

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