1D Four: Reviews in 140 Characters or Less (Part 2)

We’re keeping things fresh here at My Fangirl Life with a new kind of album review: Twitter-Friendly Reviews! Yesterday we discussed the Tracks 1 to 6 on One Direction’s FOUR. Here are our thoughts on Tracks 7 to 12 in 140 characters or less. But first lets take a look at the players:

KG: Diehard Directioner & Emotional Romantic. Liam <3.
Justine: Also Emotional. Also Romantic. Newer to the Fandom. (Directioner-in-Training, if you will)
Kris: (That’s Me!) Dedicated 1D Fangirl. Self-Proclaimed Unromantic. Lover of Upbeat Anthems.
Johnny Rico: A grown man who indulges us by mangirling over boybands & whatever other fandom we’re currently obsessing about.

Here we go again!

One Direction Four Lyrics - Night Changes 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Night Changes 2
Track #7 – Night Changes
KG: Prob my fave track. The lyrics! The music! Their voices! I just can’t even…
Justine: This song makes me sad – thinking of perfect nights & morning consequences. It’d probably make me cry if I was singing alone in car.
Kris: This song makes me feel safe. Like even if I’m running from something I have someone to run to. Someone who is waiting for me to run to them
Johnny Rico: This album should have been called “You and Me Against the World”. I’m pulling for you guys, but betting on the world. Good song though.

One Direction Four Lyrics - No Control 2 One Direction Four Lyrics - No Control 1
Track #8 – No Control
KG: Nice upbeat track after a couple of slow ones. There’re some interesting lines here. Pillow cases & loaded guns manage to go together.
Justine: ‘The pedal’s down, my eyes are closed’ – well that doesn’t seem safe! What a super upbeat and catchy song!
Kris: I don’t blame anyone for having no control where 1D is concerned. I’d be a “loaded gun” if I woke up next to any of them. #FangirlsHaveNoRestraint
Johnny Rico: For a song called “no control” this song seems restrained. I’d guess 1D wanted to go full rock on this one but couldn’t commit. #AlbumTheme

One Direction Four Lyrics - Fireproof 2 One Direction Four Lyrics - Fireproof 1
Track #9 – Fireproof
KG: Does 1D have a gambling problem? I’m confused about the references to “rolling”, “winning”, and “luck”. Regardless, this song’s vibe gets me.
Justine: 1D has gotten so sweet! Plus I love the new mellow sound they debuted with this song.
Kris: Guys, have I mentioned yet that I love Louis? ‘Cause I do. He is my favorite part of the band and my favorite part of this song. 
Johnny Rico: All I wanted to feel was special…and now I do! Thanks Fireproof!

One Direction Four Lyrics - Spaces 2 One Direction Four Lyrics - Spaces 1
Track #10 – Spaces
KG: I love the mature tone of this one. The couple is being pulled apart because of secrets and spaces between them, but no one is blamed.
Justine: Trying to think of a conspiracy theory here between Spaces and Blank Space…hmmm…
Kris: Dear 1D, This song had better be about a girl. No one is allowed to ‘be the first to say goodbye’ in this band. Love, Kris
Johnny Rico: Technically speaking I think this is a really well put together song, but I’m trying to remember the last happy feeling this album gave me.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Stockholm Syndrome 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Stockholm Syndrome 2
Track #11 – Stockholm Syndrome
KG: At first I was really put off by the title of this song, & I’m still not sure about the subject matter, but damn is it upbeat, catchy & fun!
Justine: Dear Harry, Don’t worry. Sometimes we all like a little crazy. -VPH
Kris: Are they saying if you kidnap them they’ll fall in love with you? Sketch move considering their crazy fanbase. #hatchingaplan
Johnny Rico: A three minute 34 second trip in a time machine back to the 80’s. I feel like 3 of 5 members have the hair for it.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Clouds 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Clouds 2
Track #12 – Clouds
KG: I’m having trouble making the connection with the meaning of this song, but the anthemic sound makes it a winner in my books.
Justine: This is the first time 1D has sounded slightly douchy on this album. Though it would be fun to sing along to!
Kris: I was worried this album would go by without a solid anthem. I will be belting this in my car shuffled w/ Midnight Memories & New Romantics.
Johnny Rico: Has a generic feel to it. I want to like this song, I might like this song, but I think I’ve heard it before.

Tomorrow we will have a special Bonus Post complete with Twitter-friendly reviews of Four’s Extended Tracks!
Love & Luck,

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