1D Four: Reviews in 140 Characters or Less (BONUS)

We’re keeping things fresh here at My Fangirl Life with a new kind of album review: Twitter-Friendly Reviews! In the last 2 days we discussed the Tracks 1 to 6 and then Tracks 7-12 on One Direction’s FOUR. Here are our thoughts on Bonus Tracks in 140 characters or less. But first lets take a look at the players:

KG: Diehard Directioner & Emotional Romantic. Liam <3.
Justine: Also Emotional. Also Romantic. Newer to the Fandom. (Directioner-in-Training, if you will)
Kris: (That’s Me!) Dedicated 1D Fangirl. Self-Proclaimed Unromantic. Lover of Upbeat Anthems.
Johnny Rico: A grown man who indulges us by mangirling over boybands & whatever other fandom we’re currently obsessing about.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Change Your Ticket 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Change Your Ticket 2
Bonus Track #1 – Change Your Ticket
KG: Throughout this song I’m torn between “I like this vibe” & “this chorus is lame”. The simple melody & lyrics don’t work for me. Verses FTW!
Justine: The chorus lets me down here. It’s too simple and repetitive. Though probably rather applicable to their real lives…
Kris: There ain’t no party like an S Club Party! No one else felt that vibe? Ok just me…that being said I’d stay as many days as they wanted.
Johnny Rico: I can’t trust a song where the ultra generic “girl” is thrown around. Why not just name her Jane? “Jane don’t leave me in this hotel.” Easy.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Illusions 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Illusions 2
Bonus Track #2 – Illusion
KG: “I’ve really got my heart out on my sleeve” Oh 1D. So adorable, so clever with the concept on this one. Don’t worry boys, I believe in love.
Justine: I believe in love too! But also, can I really tie you up in chains? – cause that’s intriguing.
Kris: The structure of this song is so effective. The pacing & phrasing is constantly changing & developing. Not to mention the stellar opening.
Johnny Rico: Incoming #90sReferrence Alert!!! This is 1D’s BoyzIIMen song.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Once in a Lifetime 1 One Direction Four Lyrics - Once in a Lifetime 2
Bonus Track #3 – Once in a Lifetime
KG: Surprisingly up there for me given that it’s a bonus track. I love the lyrics & the dreamy way the song is produced & performed.
Justine: I love the sound of this one. I just wish I could figure out what other song it sounds like.
Kris: I really love this song. Like REALLY love it. Which is crazy because I am not the slow emotional ballad type. Is 1D thawing my frozen heart?
Johnny Rico: I really like this song. Sure, it has an ‘awkward junior high slow dance’ vibe to it, but the melody is really nice.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Act My Age 2 One Direction Four Lyrics - Act My Age 1
Bonus Track #4 – Act My Age
KG: 1D meets an Irish jig meets the Beach Boys meets pop anthem. Could this be any more of a party???
Justine: That song is ridiculous…
Kris: Someone get me a pint! And take me out on the floor for a jig! A solidly ridiculous anthem. 1D you can meet me at the pub anytime!
Johnny Rico: I found it!!!! My favorite song on the album. I do however reject the premise of “fat and old”, Old isn’t a choice, but fat sure as hell is.

Happy Listening!
Love & Luck,

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