Natalie Dormer is Queen

This weekend is the worldwide release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I for one am extremely excited! I’ve followed the Hunger Games since Kris introduced me to the books over 3 years ago. I remember discussing (and being skeptical at the time) of the casting of these films. I do love the Hunger Games, but Mockingjay is by far my least favourite book. Plus I still do not agree with their decision to split the book into two films.

The main reason I am excited for this film is Natalie Dormer. This woman is my ultimate girl crush. She is absolutely brilliant and I have loved her for a number of years already. Natalie plays Cressida in Mockingjay – a character I don’t really remember from the novel. But I know she will make a great addition to the already stellar cast. Natalie Dormers Thoughts On Cheese, Hunger Games And Game Of  Thrones image Cressida 800x600

My love for Natalie goes all the way back to when she stared on The Tudors. I first watched this series on my moms recommendation. I’ve always loved history – especially European history – even more specifically the monarchies. I instantly fell in love with Anne Boleyn. For those who don’t know, Anne was King Henry VIII’s second wife and mother to Queen Elizabeth I. Additionally, she was the main reason for England’s break from the Pope and the Catholic Church, ultimately founding the Church of England. She was executed on accounts of treason, adultery, incest and witchcraft (all of which are lacking concrete evidence) In short, she was a big deal.

In The Tudors, Natalie plays an Anne who is conniving and sexy and emotional and manipulative. Arguably the best part of the show. She commands every scene and with one look you can see how the King of England could have been enraptured by her.


When Kris and I were in Europe a few years ago there were more a couple occasions where our love for Anne Boleyn came up. There were multiple shoutouts to her on our blog (Anne would totally be a Slytherin, but Mary’s a Hufflepuff and Fish and Chops). She even topped both mine and Kris’s list of favourite historical figures. I think it’s a sign of a great actress when you can inspire your audience to learn more about the character you play so well.


I followed her when she joined Game of Thrones and instantly fell in love with Margaery Tyrell. I’ve always been a book behind the show so I hung on her every action and feared for her life each episode. Margaery is similar to Anne in many ways, she just wants to be queen! She’s conniving and secretive on the show and you never know exactly what she’s thinking or planning. My love for her (and Game of Thrones) inspired my latest cosplay creation. I couldn’t wait to make one of her gorgeous dresses and be Margaery Tyrell for a day. Again, I believe it’s a sign of a great actress when you’re inspired to be them and you focus your creativity and sewing skills to create screen accurate versions of their dresses.
I am thrilled she is gaining attention in Hollywood. That woman is a queen and she can do no wrong.

natalie dormer sam claflin hunger games mockingjay premiere 07

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