Embracing 1D’s Four and Improving Your Life in the Process

It’s been a week since the release of One Direction’s Four. You’ve listened to it over and over again on replay, learning the words & critiquing each song. You’ve taken part in every 1D-related activity you can think of. You’ve even done some celebratory shopping. All you want is to extend the enjoyment, but you don’t know how. Luckily you have me! I am here not only with new ways to embrace Four, but with ideas of how to improve your life in the process. So let’s go on a One Direction themed journey of self-discovery and betterment, as lead by each track on the new album Four.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Steal My Girl 31. Steal My Girl – Find a crowd…it could be at an event or a bar or a busy city street. Just get out among people. Take a minute to realize how small you are. Just one of billions in the ‘whole wide world.’ Now appreciate that you are the only you out of those billions. No one is exactly like you. No one is the same. You are special. Remember that.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Ready to Run 32. Ready to Run – Now find an open space. Escape the crowds. Hop in your car and keep driving (preferably west, to follow the sun, but east is also acceptable) until you feel free. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine/rain/snow/wind on your skin. Know that the world holds no bounds for you.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Where Do Broken Hearts Go 33. Where Do Broken Hearts Go – Forgive someone. That could mean an epic reunion with a long lost love. Or it could mean internally letting go of a grudge you’ve been holding. No matter how big or small, let love in, mend your broken heart and forgive. You will feel better and the person you forgive can stop searching for a way to fix up a heart that they let down.

One Direction Four Lyrics - 18 34. 18 – Whether you’re over 18 or under, the older you get the further you are from the playground…both metaphorically and physically speaking. Stop being a ‘long way from the playground’ and embrace your childhood. Go down a slide and let go of your worries. Take to the swings and remember how it feels to just blissfully enjoy life…or love. Remember the days when everything didn’t have to make sense or be logical and everyone didn’t have to think the same thing. It was ok just to have fun together.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Girl Almighty 35. Girl Almighty – Do something that scares you. Be Brave. Face your fears as the Girl Almighty…remembering that you’re young and made of lightning.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Fools Gold 36. Fool’s Gold – Forgive yourself your mistakes. Maybe you were naïve. Maybe you were silly. Maybe you were outright not thinking. That’s ok. Mistakes are made and sometimes we fall for someone’s ‘fools gold’. I know they say “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” but even if you fall for it a second time don’t be ashamed. It happens.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Night Changes 37. Night Changes – Do something you’ve always wanted to do, even though it might be a little reckless. Don’t regret it, no matter how it turns out. The important people will still love you no matter what.

One Direction Four Lyrics - No Control 38. No Control – Sometimes you gotta let go and let life play out. It might be your instinct to want to control everything, but sometimes you need to loosen your grip. Do something where the outcome is totally out of your hands. Loose control. Let the universe decide.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Fireproof 39. Fireproof – But don’t rely on luck…or fate or whatever force controls the universe. Change your luck. Make your fate.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Spaces 310. Spaces – Be the first one to say goodbye. It might not feel like it will improve your life, but everyone at some point has someone that they hold on to even though they probably shouldn’t. Stop putting yourself through the pain. Cut out the problem. Set the negativity on fire. Only keep people in your life that make it better.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Stockholm Syndrome 311. Stockholm Syndrome – Make the best of a poor situation. Sometimes that might be putting a positive spin on a less-than-positive scenario. Or perhaps looking for the shine under the rust. Maybe it’ll take focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel (or another clichéd metaphor). In the end love what you got. Embrace the people round you. And realize you love where you’re at.

One Direction Four Lyrics - Clouds 312. Clouds – Sometimes things are simple. Accept it. And sometimes life is complicated. Accept that too.

Follow these 12 easy steps and you’ll be happier! And listen to the corresponding One Direction song while doing it and you’ll be even happier! Happy Living!
Love & Luck,

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