Inside the Mind of a Fangirl: 1D’s AMA Performance

Some moments are so monumental they must be documented. Some are not and yet we still feel the need to share them. This is the latter. One Direction’s AMA performance of their new single ‘Night Changes’ was not a life changing experience. Not even for us hardcore Directioners at My Fangirl Life. Yet a transcript of our reaction to their dreamy serenade would give you an interesting insight into what your average obsessive fangirl is thinking while their favorite hunks are on screen:

I prepared when the on-screen countdown told me it was 1 minute to One Direction.
JK: Can you show me…
KP: I don’t have time for this. Only 45 seconds to 1D!

Then the performance started and it went something like this:
One Direction wanders out of the wilderness looking sharp in all black.
KP: Ooooo It’s so magical. (referring to the setting…and perhaps the apparitions of godliness that are the band members)

One Direction Night Changes AMA PerformanceMusic Starts
“Going out tonight. Changes into something red.”
JK: I just want to run my hands through Zayn’s hair.
KG: ???
JK: I want to get it out of his face. That dangly piece would drive me crazy.
KG: Zayn has his smoulder on.
JK: Also he needs a haircut.

“Driving too fast. Moon is breaking through her hair.”
KP: Liam is staring into my soul. He knows my inner most thoughts. My hopes. My dreams.
KG: I think he’s been taking smolder lessons from Zayn.

KG: What a dreamboat…Remember that time Liam just basically became a male model?
KP: Oh I remember.

“We’re only getting older baby and I’ve been thinking about it lately.”
KP: Harry is trying to join Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Nice jacket…

KG: Look at me Harry. Look at me!
JK: He’s too cool.
KP: He’s probably trying to remember the words…new song and all.

“Chasing there tonight, doubts are running ’round her head.”
KG: Louis’ avoiding the camera too.
JK: Looking into heavens
KP: He does that a lot. I think he’s just trying really hard to do well.
JK: He’s worried they might cut him.

“Moving too fast, moon is lighting up her skin.”
JK: Niall can’t smoulder.
KG: It’s cause he’s just too cute.
KP: Look at that face.
JK: Wouldn’t it be weird to see him with his natural hair color? I can’t see him as anything but a blonde.

“We’re only getting older baby and I’ve been thinking about it lately.”
KP: Zayn is so skinny.
KP: I think I’m into Harry’s hair now. I was feeling like he needed a haircut but it just re-convinced me with its luscious bounce & shine that it’s all good.

JK: Why are they all wearing trench coats?
KP: Only Liam is wearing a trench coat…
JK: Louis…
KP: …is in a nice double-breasted suit jacket. Of regular length.
KP: And Liam is going to Durmstrang…
JK: Louis is rocking that turtle neck.
KG: Not everyone can do that. That’s hard but he’s killing it.

“Going out tonight. Changes into something red.”
KG: Zayn is so emotional when he sings.
JK: I’m starting to like Zayn more.
KG: Nooooo…
KP: Confession: So am I.
KG: Ever since that time he wasn’t there and we realized his worth.
JK: I think because I can‘t have Louis or Liam, my love for Harry and Zayn is growing.
A/N: KG has dibs on Liam and KP loooves Louis. And JK is a new Directioner. Favorites are first-come first-serve.

“We’re only getting older baby and I’ve been thinking about it lately.”
KG: Can I just bring up the fact that their band has been relegated back to the bushes.
JK: Why are there bushes in the first place?
KP: It makes me think there is a moonlit beach just over the hill behind them. When the song is done we can go for a midnight romp.
KG: That’s good.
JK: So romantic.

“It will never change, baby.”
KP: Niall is having the time of his life.
KG: Look at me Harry.
KP: He did right at the end!
JK: What was with that weird little bow Harry did at the end? I kinda like it.

KG: Oh and they sounded pretty good too.

The End

I hope this gave you some important insight. Life changing even.
Love & Luck,

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