Geeky Black Friday Shopping

I guess I’ll start with a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans out there. Have fun. Eat lots. Enjoy your time off.

However I am part of the other 95.5% of the world population for whom today is not about gorging ourselves on turkey and mashed potatoes and all the fixins. I’m Canadian I did that over a month ago 😉 What does affect me, what affects us all really, is that, because today is American Thanksgiving, tomorrow is Black Friday. This tradition of epic deals has spilled across the border and leads to all sorts of crazy sales in Canadian shops. On the other hand, as a person of the internet physical stores add too much potential for human contact and awkward small talk with store staff & fellow line-standers. Instead I am choosing to reap the Black Friday benefits from the comfort of my own home…something that can be done worldwide! Here is a handy list of My Top 5 Geeky Websites that as offering Black Friday promotions. Whether it’s Christmas presents or gifts for yourself happy shopping, you nerd!

5. Thinkgeek – Thinkgeek offers a wide variety of products from a wide variety of fandoms. It’s like a department store of nerdom. Get a Dalek ornament or a Star Wars charm bracelet. Or perhaps a Game of Thrones dragon egg cookie jar. No matter what it is you’re looking for they are offering 20% off when you spend $40+ with increasing discounts the more you spend (using the code ELFINSALE). Hurry though, the sale ends at midnight on 29-Nov.
Think Geek Logo

4. Superhero Stuff – Superhero Stuff sells superhero stuff. Who would have guessed?! They have also branched out to include fandoms such as Doctor Who and Game of Thrones so it’s not just for lovers of men in tights. I love the variety you can find here. Right now you can get 13% off in their Pre-Turkey Deal, however I’d hold off for the weekends when deals increase to 20-30% off selected merch.
Superhero Stuff Logo

3. BlackMilk – Despite being an Aussie company BlackMilk is going in on the Black Friday fun. Their website has been shutdown and replaced with a countdown until the sale begins. When reopened US shoppers will be able to get a 20% discount, while the international shop will have 30% selected items (they have posted a list of included items on their Facebook). I am definitely going to be checking this one out because BlackMilk leggings are amazingly comfortable & high-quality…but a bit pricey when not on sale!
BlackMilk Logo

2. Junk Food Clothing – There are some obvious choices out there for fandom-wear: Hot Topic being an example (they do have a sale as well…) That’s all weel and good but I recommend checking out this lesser-known jem. Junk Food Clothing offers cool vintage-style looks. Basically it’s a site after my vintage-grunge heart! Plus on Friday & Saturday they’re offering 40% off almost the entire store using the code BESTFRIDAY.
Junk Food Clothing Logo

1. Geek ‘Verse – I feel like I’m cheating a bit with this one…my 5th pick is actually a collection of over 40 individual shops that have gathered together to offer Christmas sales. The code XMAS14 will get you up to 25% off (discounts vary with shop) at any of the participating vendors! I love this idea because I am a big fan of individual-run shops full of unique things…it’s why I have an Etsy addiction.
Geek Verse Logo

Honorable Mention to Her Universe. This site offers some really cool fandom clothing, it’s just not really my style. Check out their Holiday Sale to get up to 60% off select items.
Her Universe Logo

Hopefully you can find some intems to wrap up under your tree this year…and a treat or two for yourself too!
Love & Luck,


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