Taylor Swift and the Ballad of 112 Songs

My Fangirl Life associate Johnny Rico has been ‘Mangirling’ again. Last time he reviewed Mockingjay Part 1 using all of One Direction’s song titles. This time he tackles TSwifts repertoire to tell a tale of failed romance. Enjoy!

Your One Stop Stalk

Hey Stephen, you say you are in love? At 22? At that young age I knew all too well that bad blood and a girl at home who owned half of my heart could make you feel like treacherous change was the only way to move on from forever & always. Let me tell you a story.

I thought two was better than one. I thought that if you left me breathless and filled the blank space with your beautiful eyes, that in my perfectly good heart ours would be a love story. The story of us and this love would mean today was a fairy tale because you belonged to me. Our lives would forever reside in a wonderland filled with starlight. Both of us believed this enchanted, untouchable, sweeter than fiction love meant a place in this world, on holy ground, where we’d always be tied together with a smile.

Now I begin…

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