My Fangirl Life Cosplay: Sansa Stark

I don’t fully remember why, but last spring I decided I wanted a Game of Thrones dress, more specifically a Margaery Tyrell dress. But if I wanted a Game of Thrones dress, that meant I needed to sew two. I only cosplay things where Kris and I can be a pair….cosplay is more fun in groups.

Going in I had very minimal sewing experience but had already challenged myself with a couple of cosplay projects. All I needed was a pattern, the right fabric and the internet. In creating my various cosplays I always take to the internet first. This is one of my favourite things about cosplay; everyone is so eager to help each other out…Which is exactly why I’m going to outline exactly how I made these dresses. I hope it inspires others to do the same!

In deciding on which Sansa to cosplay, Kris went with young and innocent Sansa from Season 1 and 2. The beautiful pink dress she wears in her early days at King’s Landing.

Next I checked out the available patterns. I absolutely love how McCalls and Simplicity, amongst others, have embraced the cosplay/costume culture and created patterns for many fandom-themed dresses. The pattern I used was definitely designed after Cersei’s dresses, but with a couple minor adjustments I knew it would work for Sansa. I used McCall’s pattern M6940 and made dress A.

Kris is the master of finding the perfect fabric. We set off to our local fabric store and bought metres upon metres of pink fabric. One note, the sleeves are lined in the pattern. If you don’t plan on making them so you can get at least a metre less of fabric. I didn’t lined them and still have excess fabric!

We also picked up some lace. If you notice the side of her skirt is a different fabric. To achieve this effect we decided to overlay the lace on the pink fabric.

Sansa PatternsNext I simply followed the steps. At this stage, the only change I made to the pattern was making the skirt a bit more flared; you’ll notice her skirt is a bit bigger than the pattern I had. The only small issue with this adjustment was making sure you didn’t begin making the skirt wider until below the waist.

In making this dress I was amazed at how easy it actually was; the front and back are each one long piece! The sides included one additional step: I overlayed the lace on the skirt pieces. With just some easy sewing I had the base of the dress.

Sewing and LaceNext came the sleeves. Another adjustment was made to the pattern here. Sansa’s sleeves are more triangular and pointed than the pattern. To achieve this I simply took the rectangular sleeve pattern and cut a diagonal line from bottom to opening. This created the big sleeve and wide effect we wanted. Again, attaching the sleeves was easier than expected. The pattern is your best friend. Just follow it!

Sansa WIPThis was about as far as I could go without Kris present. On her first fitting we adjusted the neckline. Sansa at this age is quite young and modest, however this pink dress is rather low cut. We took the neckline down slightly, making it just a little sexier.

Next I lined the bodice of the dress. The pattern recommends so. I likely would not have done this step except the pink fabric we used was slightly see through.Sansa DressThe hardest part of the dress is the ties. There are no clasps or zippers, just a number of ties. I originally tried to complete this step without Kris present but that did not work. With her there I could pin the ties in the correct place while she was wearing it. We chose to use two ties instead of the three in the pattern. It was difficult to put them in the same place as Sansa, as at this point she is quite flat chested. We are not. Therefore in making our dress we placed the ties just below the chest. Additionally, there is a hidden tie inside holding it all together. I think this is the most important tie to keep tight. With the ties sewed all that was left was hemming the length and adding a couple stitches to the sleeves to bunch them on top. These are noticeable on Sansa’s dress, but more importantly, it allowed Kris to use her hands.

And with that the dress was done!!

But there were still a couple things needed to complete the Sansa look. First, a pair of simple sandals is appropriate footwear for King’s Landing. Second, Sansa’s dragonfly necklace can be purchased from a number of etsy shops.

To get Sansa’s signature hair we found a foam hair donut and cut it to form a long roll. Then I took to youtube. There are a surprising number of Game of Thrones inspired videos here. For inspiration I used Sansa Stark ‘Southern Style’. Again, I made some little changes to get the look we were going for. I recommend lots and lots of hairspray and even more bobby pins. That roll on the top is pretty loose. I’ve seen videos where people use hair extensions or extra hair pieces to get this look. I’m lucky that Kris already has long red hair.

The final piece to complete Sansa is her gold belt. Kris made this one out of foam, gold paint, a hand made stencil and some chain. Unfortunately the belt ripped in a few places and a new one will be made for our next cosplay adventure. Kris will be sure to blog the process (including a how to on Margaery’s rose belt)!

And with that, Sansa Stark was complete and it was time to take some photos! Check out all of our Game of Thrones cosplay photos here!

SS 3 (Logo) SS 6 (Logo)

I hope you find this useful and you create your own Sansa Stark.
Let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions.

– Justine Alyssa

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