Once Upon A Time WHHHYYYYY???!?!!!!??!?!???!?!?

Why Once Upon A Time? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

In case you haven’t guessed there be spoilers ahead.

I do not understand why Once Upon A Time insists on ruining everything that I love. Every single time. Fall in love with Sheriff Graham. He dies. Settle for August. He becomes a child. Against my better judgement allow Neal to wooo me. And he disappears forever. But this time…this time…they’ve gone too far. I ended my last blog post about Once Upon a Time, the one about how I Fear for the Hunks of Once Upon a Time, with the following line:
“Let’s agree to hide Robin Hood, Kristoff and Will Scarlett until the makers of OUAT agree that good-looking men are not disposable.”
Why didn’t we listen? WHHHYYYY???????
It’s not okay.

Robin Hood is gone and not only have we lost the second dreamiest man in Storybrooke (Thank God Hook is still alive!) but my OTP just died. I talked about it in my Top 5 OTPs. Outlaw Queen is meant to be. And since then my obsession with this pairing has only grown. Grown and flourished with the happiness that seemed inevitable on the show.

OK I understand that he isn’t dead. They will bring him back, but for now I am feeling so upset I can barely function. Apparently I have a new #1 OTP…except not because it died…
Outlaw Queen Robin Hood Regina OTP 1

I can’t even.

Keep holding on fellow fangirls. Hopefully this isn’t the end.
Love & Luck,

P.S. Also, way to go Belle…but Rumbelle 😦

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