Preparing for your Hobbit Marathon

Christmas is the time of marathons in my life. I believe time off is best spent tumbling down the rabbit hole until totally immersed in all of my favorite fictional worlds. I will watch all of Game of Thrones, while hopefully finally finishing the books. My parents and I will find some tv show to binge watch for hours on end (last year it was Downton Abbey at Mom’s request…this year I think I’m going to expose my Dad to 9 glorious episodes of Sherlock-ian bliss). And I can guarantee that in between re-readings of the Harry Potter books I will be watching all 3 of the (extended) Lord of the Rings movies. But this year we get to add a new trilogy to the list!

I agree that 3 movies for one small book was a bit of overkill, but any escape into the magical realm of Middle Earth is welcome in my life. Because I can’t currently afford to purchase a last minute ticket to New Zealand my Middle Earth fixes need to come entirely on the screen. The Hobbit is a darn good distraction from the real world, especially when consumed in large, marathon-like doses. Here are my ideas of how to prepare for your pre-new-Hobbit-movie marathon.

Why not start big with the immersion ideal: watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in your very own hobbit hole before heading to the theater . Yes this is a thing you can actually buy on Etsy, and they are beautiful.
Etsy Hobbit Holes
Hobbit Hole 1 & Hobbit Hole 2

While the ambiance is ideal the logistics of your own hobbit hole is a bit difficult…you need to get a power hook up in there and heat (at least int he frozen north where I live)…not to mention afford it. And very few people will fit in there. Maybe instead you want to have a Hobbit viewing party! In that case you’ll need ambiance:
Etsy The Hobbit Merchandise
Middle Earth Retro Travel Poster + Lord of the Rings Door MatWall Mounted Paper Dragons + “The Shire” Candle + The Hobbit Saying Candle + Tolkien Book Cover Coasters

My personal favorite are the dragons. I ordered some for friends for Christmas and they look amazing! They are just paper but great quality paper folded so intricately that they look 3-dimensional. Recommend!

Whether you are viewing in a group or alone you obviously need themed beverages in themed glassware! Check out the tea you can order or the drink ideas I found on Pinterest!
The Hobbit + Lord of the Rings Glasses + Mugs
One Ring Mug + Prancing Pony/Green Dragon Glassware + Second Breakfast Mug
The Hobbit Lord of the Rings Drinks Cocktails Tea
The Hobbit Character Cocktails + Middle Earth Themed Tea + Smaug’s Breath Shot

I will be doing my marathon viewing in the theaters. I hoped and dreamed they would run a back-to-back viewing of the two previously released films before premiering the new edition. It’s what they did for Return of the King so it only seemed right that theater companies would do it for The Battle of the Five Armies. And multiple companies are…in advance of the regular movie release! If you want to try to get tickets for tomorrow’s (Dec 15th) viewings check out these links for AMC, Cinemark and Cineplex.

8 hours of theater viewing can be hard on your body, so naturally you need to bring the proper materials for settling in. I always bring a blanket to a movie, because why not? People look at you oddly but I always assume it’s in jealously because you are so much more cozy then them. For a marathon i think I’ll tak eit up a notch and bring along a pillow. It seems sensible. Here are some of my favorite LOTR/Hobbit themed coziness:
Middle Earth Lord of the Rings Hobbit Pillows Blankets
Middle Earth Map Blanket + Quote Pillow (This is my favorite quote ever.) + Hobbit Quilt Pillow + Hobbit Character Pillows + Smaug Pillow
And no matter where you are watching, home or the theater, you want to dress comfortable and in theme. Nothing gets you in the spirit like wearing fandom clothing. Sure cosplay & costumes are AWESOME but for 8 hours? Fellow theater/party/couch goers will applaud your practicality in the below styles and you’ll be super relaxed!
Hobbit Lord of the Rings Clothing
Hobbit Feet Slippers + Hobbit Feet Socks + Lord of the Rings Infinity Scarf + Tree of Gondor Shirt + Middle Earth Map Leggings at Black Milk or a cheap option on Ebay (I can speak from experience that despite the Black Milk ones being sooooooo expensive they are amazing quality…way better than the thin ebay ones)

Happy Viewing!
Love & Luck,

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