An Abundance of Hooks


I’m not sure if you all have noticed, but at some point Hook became a total dreamboat.

I mean, I guess we have previously dealt with this version:

Disney Hook

… and this version.

Dustin Hoffman as Hook

And there was this version.

Boris Karloff as Captain Hook

But today’s world is so much better for having Colin O’Donoghue’s version of Captain Hook in it. This portrayal has given Hook more of a story than anything in the past. He’s got his own background and motivations aside from just those of a pirate.

Colin O'Donoghue as Hook

Seriously though, Hook is just everywhere. And when did Hook become one of the “sexy” characters? I mean… Prince Charming? Sure. Hercules? Sure. Any lead character at all? Sure. But Captain Hook? The pirate? The villain?

I blame Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow… who somehow manages to be insane, sexy, and a pirate all at the same time.

Not that I’m actually complaining. There have been many ways that Hook has been interpreted over time, and I just love looking his progression. I guess it’s not all awesome because this did just happen a couple weeks ago:

Christopher Walken as Hook

Though we do have this to look forward to:



Ohhh I can’t wait!

Which is your favourite version of Hook? Let us know in the comments!

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