The Best Things About 2014

Since it is the final day in 2014, we thought we would compile a collective list of our favourite things from this year. It has been a busy year and it’s hard to remember all the way back to the beginning, but Kris, Justine, and I sat down to reminisce and hash things out.

Here are our 10 favourite things about this year, collectively:

10) Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s friendship

This is basically the cutest friendship ever. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen are besties and the world knows it. They were New York’s best tourists this year, and their photos never failed to brighten up the Internet.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen

9) Louis cut his hair

Ignoring the fact that he also grew his hair into a mullet this year, Louis Tomlinson’s hair cut is a big deal in our fangirl world… particularly to Kris.

Louis Cut His Hair

8) We started a Once Upon A Time viewing group

And as a result are EVEN MORE invested than previously, especially in Robin and Regina.

Robin and regina

7) Ed Sheeran started to write obvious autobiographical songs like Taylor Swift does

Or, at least he wrote one. The release of “Don’t” made me second guess any inkling of liking I felt for Ellie Goulding’s music.

Ed Sheeran Ellie Goulding

6) Youtube became a thing

Kris is adamant about this one, Justine is getting there as well, and I’m not really into the Youtube thing yet. But even I cannot argue… Youtube is a Thing. It may have become a thing for other people long before 2014, but we are just discovering it.


5) Frozen continued to be a thing

At the end of 2013, Frozen was already a big deal. This continued in 2014 with awards won, records broken, and renditions of “Let It Go” released.


4) The Olympics happened

The Olympics are always important when they happen, but the Winter Olympics are big for the three of us specifically. As typical Canadians and fans of figure skating, hockey, and sport in general, life tends to stop when they happen. The 2014 Games were Canada’s second best performance at a Winter Olympics overall, which means that it is one to remember.


3) Game of Thrones continued to be awesome

Anyone who has been reading my posts lately knows that I am Game of Thrones obsessed. That being said, Kris and Justine agreed that both the books and the show rank highly on their lists as well. I am hopeful that 2015 or 2016 may see the release of The Winds of Winter. Also, I must mention that just last week I had an epiphany about what a dreamboat Kit Harington – Jon Snow in the show – is.

You know nothing, Jon Snow Ygritte     If I look back I am lost daenerys targaryen

2) Cosplay ruled our lives

This year I discovered cosplay, while Kris and Justine just descended even further into this magical world. Cosplay was a big deal for us in 2014, and I can’t wait for some of the projects that we have on the go for 2015. I’m excited to pull off my first actual planned cosplay outfit!

Game of Thrones Cosplay - Sansa + Margaery + George Martin 3

1) 1989 smacked down all the haters

Taylor Swift is just a genius. She made the jump from country inspired music to full pop, and pretty much the whole world loved it. She broke records all over the place and released possibly the catchiest couple songs of 2014 with “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space”.

Taylor Swift Blank Space End Look

What are your favourite things from this year? We’d love to hear about them!


Photo sources: Louis 1, Louis 2

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