My Fangirl Life’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


Welcome to 2015 and Welcome to My Fangirl Life. 2014 was a good year. We will always look back on it fondly as the year we started this blog. But 2015…2015 is a bright shining star, full of possibilities for new experiences, interest and happinesses. We are so excited that you have decided to join us for it!

In order to maximize our fangirl potential the My Fangirl Life Team has made up their fandom-themed New Year’s Goals & Resolutions. Follow along this year to see whether we stick to and fulfill them.


3. Give DC a chance. I’m a pretty dire-hard Marvel girl, but any universe that created Robin can’t be all bad.
2. Watch LOST and document all of the questions it raises (to track if they are answered).
1. To finish reading Game of Thrones. It’s been forever; it’s about time I caught up to the rest of the world and had to stop living in fear of spoilers.
2015 Fangirl Goal Reading Game of Thrones Books


3. Make a souffle in my Soufflé Girl outfit.
2. Get into Downton Abbey. It seems like something that is up my alley.
1. Get caught up on Supernatural. It takes awhile. As of the end of 2014 there have been 204 episodes…that’s approximately 153 hours (without commercials)…almost 6.5 days of my life.
2015 Fangirl Goal Catch Up on Supernatural


3. Learn to play a One Direction & a Taylor Swift song on my ukulele…obviously.
2. Have my first actual planned Cosplay costume, since my first 2 were thrown together (read about them here and here).
1. Watch Doctor Who so I can (a) understand the references, (b) understand the cosplay, and (c) get Kris & Justine to stop harassing me to watch it. And also because I might like it.2015 Fangirl Goal Watch Doctor Who

What are your fangirl goals & resolutions? Feel free to post them in the comments below! They say that telling others your goals helps you accomplish them (that way there’s someone to hold you accountable). We are happy to help you achieve yours!

Love & Luck,

Image Credits: (Game of Thrones) (Supernatural) (Doctor Who)

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