My Fangirl Life Cosplay: Margaery Tyrell

As mentioned in my previous post My Fangirl Life Cosplay: Sansa Stark I recently decided I wanted a Game of Thrones dress. But cosplay is more fun in pairs so naturally, I made one for Kris as well. I already outlined that process in the post above. Today I’ll discuss how I turned myself into Margaery Tyrell. This tutorial is slightly more complicated than the Sansa Stark one as it was a large trial and error process to make this dress.

First, I had to decide on which version of Margaery I wanted to be. This wasn’t too difficult as I knew pretty much from day one I wanted this one:

Game-of-Thrones-Season-3-Margaery-Tyrell The first step was fabric shopping. We started looking for something for the bodice. This proved rather difficult, until we tried the upholstery area. It was here we found a number of blue fabrics with gold accents. I knew I was never going to find something exact with the flower pattern but I was very happy with what we found. Next we found a gorgeous blue material for the skirt and a velvet blue for the sleeves.

For the skirt I used a McCalls pattern I already had: M6941. It was a simple full circle skirt that fell to the floor. At this point I did not add a zipper to the side as I was unsure of how I’d be getting into the dress once the bodice was attached.

Margaery SkirtFor the bodice I was unsure how to begin and it was a large trial and error process. I did purchase a pattern from etsy. I won’t link to the site as I wasn’t happy with it and made a ton of adjustments. I took the pattern they provided and then using some cheap fabric I completely remade the bodice. Many adjustments and versions using this cheap fabric were made. It was difficult to get a symmetrical v-shape in the front and get the right dimensions across the back to create the halter look while not cutting into the fabric on the sides of the bodice. All of Margaery’s dresses are quite revealing. Being rather large chested I did use this to my advantage. However, my dress is far more modest than a number of Margaery cosplay dresses you see online.

Margaery TopWhen I finally felt confident in the pattern I had created I made a version using the expensive upholstery fabric. I then slowly began sewing it together. This was a slow process as everything was pinned tight and had to be tried on after every stage.

It was here I had to decide how I was getting into the dress. I decided to put in a zipper along one side, from the top of the bodice down into the skirt. To do this I first pinned the skirt to the bodice, at this point I did not have them sewn together. I rather traumatically cut into the side of the bodice and sewed in the zipper, attaching the bodice and skirt. This now allowed me to finish sewing the bodice as I could now make it as tight as I wanted and still be able to try it on. When I was done with the basic sewing of the bodice I fully attached the skirt throughout.

Next I finished all of the edges along the bodice, I also secured some of the seams with some fabric glue as the fabric I used frayed a little. I sewed a large snap at the top to secure the bodice together. I then used some glue here to secure the snap, no wanting this snap to come undone while wearing! I also also added a couple darts to the front to make things fit just the way I wanted.

Margaery DressThe sleeves were also rather difficult and I created my own pattern. Again, using some cheap fabric I created multiple versions of the sleeves until I got it right. The difficult part is the sleeves line up along the top of the bodice and then create a nice curve down to connect just under the armpit. I also wanted the sleeves tight which involved a lot of pinning and trying it on. When I was happy with the pattern I cut out 4 copies using the velvet fabric I had bought earlier. I then sewed the sleeves together like a pillow and inserted some iron-on interfacing into the middle. This gave them some structure. And then the sleeves were sewn to the dress. They were a little tall coming off my shoulders so I took them down a little. With the sleeves attached the dress became immensely tighter and greatly improved my posture. My shoulders had to remain pulled back! It probably helped with the overall Margaery look!

The final part of the dress was hemming the length and sewing on a couple of ribbon strips along the seam between bodice and skirt to hold the belt in place.

Kris was in charge of making the rose belt. It fell apart a few times throughout the day and the paint did rub slightly. She will be sure to blog the process of how she remakes both the Margaery and Sansa belts once she remakes them.

I have decently long hair but to get the full Margaery look I invested in a set of hair extensions. I had never bought hair extensions before and was a little nervous but they turned out perfectly. In looking for extensions I took to ebay. There are a large variety available there, of all different qualities. The ones I bought are definitely on the cheaper side! They clipped in easily and gave me the signature Margaery curls. I’ve now used these extensions twice and already there are a couple pieces in knots. It’s likely I’ll buy some more before I become Margaery again.

In creating this look I first curled my hair. I parted it down the middle and curled the strands near my face away. I have long side bangs and had to work a little to keep them away from my face. Next I put in the hair extensions and pulled the top layer of hair back in a couple twists. I secured them with an elastic and then, following a tutorial I saw on youtube, I flipped the pony tail up to add some dynamic.

The cosplay was completed with a pair of simple sandals.

MT 6 (Logo)MT 12 (Logo)

I hope you find this useful and you create your own Margaery Tyrell.
Let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions.

– Justine Alyssa

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