Happy Birthday Kate! But Where Are The Birds??

Today we celebrate Kate Middleton’s 33rd birthday! Happy Birthday Kate!!

I’ve adored Kate for years now. I am a huge fan of British history, I am a huge fan of the British monarchy. I remember the Royal Wedding, I remember when George was born, I even remember when it was announced both times she was pregnant.

I am also a huge Disney fan. I’ve been to a Disney park 5 times and I can count about 50 Disney movies on my shelf right now. I love the Disney Princesses and am currently working on a number of Disney Princess cosplays.

Now I think it’s only a matter of time before Disney officially makes Kate a Disney Princess. Kate is strong, independent, educated, and dated her prince for 8 years before marriage – all things Disney is now trying to promote with the recent Princesses Tiana and Elsa. But there are a number of similarities between all Disney Princesses and I think Kate fits right in :-)There’s just one thing left: Kate, where are the birds?

Every Disney Princess has:

Gorgeous long flowing hair

Growing up I wanted Belle, Ariel or Jasmine’s hair and today I want Kate’s. How does her hair look so perfect through all the London rain? How is it always so shiny and voluminous? These are the questions I ask myself on a daily basis. It’s a serious case of hair envy.Kate Middleton Hair EnvyAn endless wardrobe of fantastic clothes

Every Disney princess has that signature dress that every young girl wants (over 3 million Anna or Elsa dresses were sold by Disney last year!) and that dress that all the cosplayers want and are attempting to sew. It is my dream to make Belle’s yellow gown. Kate got this too when she became a princess. Her wardrobe is classy and sophisticated and I love it all. She’s one of my style icons. I just wish I had her wardrobe budget. Kate Middleton Wardrobe EnvyTheir own Prince Charming

The Disney Princesses all have a Disney Prince, it’s a simple formula that has worked for Disney for years (except Merida, but that’s essentially the point of Brave and Elsa, but she’s technically a Queen anyways). Kate lucked out here and scored (arguably) the Most Eligible Prince in the World. It’s a perfect love story. It’d make a perfect Disney movie. Will and Kate are the most adorably cute perfect couple. Just as cute as Anna & Kristoff, Jasmine & Aladdin and Rapunzel & Eugene 🙂

Disney Princes + Prince William

A special bond with animals, usually birds.

Disney-Princesses-disney-princess-31369616-400-550Ariel has flounder, Jasmine has Raja, Rapunzel has Pascal and then there are so many birds. Why can  Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White communicate with birds? The birds are always singing with them, helping them dress, helping them clean, impersonating Princes, helping them fight the villains and generally just being their best friend. I admit, I’m a little jealous. As a graduate student who spends her days analyzing data relating to birds I think this relationship could be very beneficial. Plus, who doesn’t want to hold out their hand and have a little chickadee land in it?

And this brings us to the one thing Kate is lacking. I’ve searched the internet and there are no photos showing a special bond between Kate and a group of songbirds. This is the final thing needed in officially becoming a Disney Princess. Can’t you just imagine Kate walking through Kensington Garden with a flock of little tits or sparrows. It’d be adorable. And with a new baby on the way I imagine some songbirds would be helpful in cleaning the palace they live in.

Will and Kate have had Lupo for years and I’d like to think this is the first step.

Will and Kate + Lupo

Next she’ll be pushing those carriages through London will little birds flying in her wake.Kate Middleton BirdsHappy Birthday Kate!

Let us know how you’re celebrating in the comments!

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