Happy One-Day-Until-Julian-Morris’-Birthday!

Tomorrow is an important day, dear Readers, and you may not even know it. Tomorrow is Julian Morris’ birthday.

Who is Julian Morris, you ask?

Well, this is exactly why I’ve given you a whole day’s notice to become acquainted. I first noticed Julian as the adorable and kind of indecisive Wren Kingston when watching Pretty Little Liars last summer.

Julian Morris as Wren Kingston

I didn’t know I had ever seen him before, but because this was the first role I actually noticed him in, he will forever be “Wren” in my mind.

It wasn’t long before “Wren” appeared on New Girl as Jess’ love interest, Ryan!

Julian Morris as Ryan

I was happy to see him in another role on a popular show.

It wasn’t long before Kris, Justine, and I came to a realization. “Wren” had also been the handsome Prince Phillip on Once Upon A Time! Who knew?

Julian Morris as Prince Phillip

So basically, the lesson here is, “Wren” is everywhere. You better spend your evening researching Julian Morris so that you’re ready to fully celebrate this dreamboat tomorrow.

Happy early birthday, Julian!


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