Meghan Trainor “Title” Listen & Learn

Meghan Trainor’s debut album Title came out this week and I thought I’d dig into the details & the music of this new star. So how about you sit yourself down, put on your headphones and Listen & Learn along with me!

Meghan Trainor Fact #1: There once was a girl from Nantucket…
Seriously… Meghan Elizabeth Trainor was born on December 22, 1993 (making her 21 right now) in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Meghan Trainor Title Lyrics - All About That BassTrack #1: The Best Part (Interlude)
An ~30 second introductory interlude about being a singer… an interesting way to start an album. I thought it was beautiful, done in accapella harmonies, and set the tone for what was to come…

Meghan Trainor Fact #2: Singer Girl
Meghan has been singing since she was a small child; her mother even claims Meghan not only used to sing along to her lullabies but would harmonize! She started writing music at age 11 and producing in GarageBand at 13. She was also in a family band called Island Fusion (with her parents, siblings and aunt & uncle) that used to play around Nantucket. In high school she earned the appropriate nickname ‘Singer Girl’.

Track #2: All About That Bass
Do I really need to talk about this song? I know you know it. It’s everywhere. And yet I’m not sick of it. I no longer choose to put it on but I also don’t switch the station when it comes on the radio. I take that as a sign of a good song: staying power and lack of the annoyance factor.

Meghan Trainor Fact #3: Meghan is All About That Bass
It was not originally Meghan’s intention to record All About That Bass. Only after other artists passed on the track did Meghan finally take matters into her own hands. Said to have rejected the smash hit: Beyonce.

Track #3: Dear Future Husband
The early 60’s doo-wop sound is very original for right now. I realize it’s reminiscent of past artists but the closest thing currently on the charts would be vintage-style Bruno Mars tracks. This song is something I’d listen to while getting ready for work or cooking dinner… it’s not pump-up music but it puts you in a good mood.

Meghan Trainor Title Lyrics - Close Your EyesMeghan Trainor Fact #4: L.A.’s Girl
While trying to sell the track to another artist L.A. Reid (you might remember him from the American X-Factor) took notice of Meghan’s voice. After some initial meetings she was able to play All About That Bass for him using just her ukulele… 20 minutes later she had a record deal.

Track #4: Close Your Eyes
This is the obligatory Women’s Empowerment Anthem. That’s not a bad thing… as a strong independent woman I’m into that. But I worry that Trainor is too focused on the viewpoint of males and won’t stand up to the truly empowered tracks of other strong female artists… like Taylor Swift. But then again it took Taylor some time to get to this “I don’t need a man” place she currently inhabits.

Meghan Trainor Fact #5: Goal Accomplished
In a Rolling Stone interview Trainer discussed that she always wanted a record deal, even if her album wasn’t a success. “That was one of my goals. Even if I wasn’t a pop star, I wanted to at least say I got a record deal and I got dropped.” (Source)

Track #5: 3am
This is the prettiest drunken booty call track I’ve ever heard. I enjoy the self deprecating humor employed throughout this album. It plays well with Meghan’s sassy, good girl image. Because she is a good girl, even in a song about making intoxicated mistakes.

Meghan Trainor Title Lyrics - 3amMeghan Trainor Fact #6: Writer
In case you hadn’t guess by Facts #3 & #4. Trainor started out as a writer. She got a publishing deal at 18 years old. She then had to struggle to be taken seriously as a young woman trying to make it in the music industry.

Track #6: Like I’m Gonna Lose You (ft. John Legend)
This song is pretty (although maybe a bit flat). The general theme of it doesn’t quite hit me the right way I don’t think… If i’m loving someone like I’m going to lose them it means I’m not loving them at all, but maybe that’s just my commitment issues coming out to play…

Meghan Trainor Fact #7: Not just a writer & singer…
Meghan not only writes and sings, she also plays a butt load (get it? because she’s all about that bass…?) of instruments: guitar, keyboards, trumpet, ukulele, and percussion.

Track #7: Bang Dem Sticks
I like non-threatening rap. It’s a thing I’m into. And the natural cadence of Trainor’s voice lends itself well to white-girl faux-rapping. It’s a fun track. Not sure about all of the lyrics but easy to bop to.

Meghan Trainor Fact #8: Playing the Field
Trainor was not only on a girls football team for 3 years in high school but was also the only girl on her school’s boys team. A multi-talented lady!

Meghan Trainor Title Lyrics - Like I'm Gonna Lose YouTrack #8: Walkashame
I appreciate her modern stance on not being ashamed of her sexuality. Women get slut-shamed so often in today’s culture that it’s almost nice to see someone take such a casual stance on a walk of shame. Of course artists like Rihanna are all about embracing their sex symbol status, but it’s nice to see a “real woman” be confident with who she is. I’m not sure how parents who thought the nonthreatening Trainor would be appropriate for their younger children feel about this track though…

Meghan Trainor Fact #9: Lucky North Americans
Did you know that while we lucky folks here in North America can be bopping along to Meghan Trainor all we want the poor folks of the UK & Ireland still have to wait over a week for the album release? Meanwhile Aussies have been listening to it since January 9th!

Track #9: Title
Title is a great example of what I like and what I’m like less about Meghan Trainor. It’s upbeat and has a generally positive message: I deserve to be treated right in a relationship. However, at the same time it perpetuates an idea sprinkled throughout the album (Dear Future Husband, Close Your Eyes, 3am, etc.): our self worth as women is tied to how men think about us. I don’t think she means to, because she does have a lot of lyrics about knowing she’s beautiful & good enough, but even when she’s telling a man that he needs to move along she is still focused on how he sees her. I mean the song asks men to ‘treat her like a trophy.’ Yes I want a man to see my worth, but I never want to be someone’s trophy wife.

Meghan Trainor Fact #10: Grammy Bound?
Trainor has received a few nominations throughout the last year but has yet to win a major award. Maybe she’ll break that streak in the near future at music’s biggest night of the year: The Grammys. Trainor is nominated for two awards: Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Meghan Trainor Title Lyrics - Lips Are MovinTrack #10: What If I
I can imagine teen girls eating this song up. It’s a ballad straight out of Grease. I personally think it’s my least favorite. It borders on nauseatingly sweet. I like a little grit or edge or humor or something that isn’t just eyelashes batting.

Meghan Trainor Fact #11: The Fandom
By this point you’ve probably decided if you are indeed a Meghan Trainor fan or not. If you’ve decide yes then you have officially become a member of the Meghan Trainor fandom, which she has affectionately named the Megatrons.

Track #11: Lips Are Moving
This is the current single and for the general public has defined Meghan’s style… after all one song is just that: a song, but two tracks with the same rhythmic hook creates a distinct sound… and Meghan has that. I never mistake her for anyone else!

Thanks for listening along with me again lovely fanboys & fangirls! Hopefully you learned something new about a thriving young artist… and maybe you’re now a Megatron? As for me, I liked the album as a whole. I will definitely listen to is again (and again). The vintage sound sets her apart & the vocals are catchy. I’m just not sure Trainor has found her true independence yet. She’s a talent that means well but I think this young lady nailed the message much better in her parody:

What do you think?

Love & Luck,

For more info on Meghan you can check out my sources: (Wikipedia) (Rolling Stone) (Metro)

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