RaeLynn “Me” EP Listen & Learn

Kris has done a variety of Listen & Learns for your listening and learning pleasure over the past few months, and I got just so darn excited about an album this week that I wanted to contribute one as well. Calling all country fans! Have you heard of RaeLynn? Grab a copy of her new EP “Me” and get ready to listen and learn along below…

RaeLynn Fact #1: She’s a reality TV star.
For those of you who don’t know Raelynn’s backstory, the world first fell in love with her on season 2 of The Voice. I still remember the first episode that year. She was the very first audition shown on TV, immediately following the Superbowl. Badass that she is, she auditioned with “Hell on Heels” in front of Blake Shelton, whose wife Miranda Lambert both wrote and performed on that track. Brave, am I right? In the end, though Adam Levine turned his chair for her as well, RaeLynn ended up choosing to compete for Team Blake.

Track #1: God Made Girls
Though part of me dislikes the fact that the lyrics in this song kind of put women in the role of being there for men, it is just so darn adorable that I’m ok with it. Not to mention I really don’t believe that is the intent behind the song – the spirit of it is a little more “where would boys be without girls?”. I heard this song long before this EP came out, but it is a nice way to start.

God Made Girls RaeLynn    God Made Girls 2 RaeLynn

RaeLynn Fact #2: RaeLynn is a stage name.
She was born Racheal Lynn Woodward in Baytown Texas on May 4, 1994 – making her only 20 at the time of writing this article! RaeLynn is a country artist that has truly experienced country life.

Track #2: Kissin’ Frogs
I love pretty much everything about this song. As the first new song I heard from the EP, it reminded me of exactly why I should have been far more excited for some new music from this talented artist. “Kissin’ Frogs” is the perfect for RaeLynn’s age, personality, style, and persona. She’s pretty much nailed it here with her “I’m young and ready to make mistakes” message in this track. What a fun and utterly adorable song!

Kissin Frogs 1 RaeLynn    Kissin Frogs Raelynn 1

RaeLynn Fact #3: She wanted to be an actress.
Before music became her top passion, RaeLynn auditioned to play “country girl” roles for a variety of theatrical productions, including some Disney ones. Lucky for us, she wasn’t successful at getting any major roles, so it wasn’t long before she made the full switch to music.

Track #3: Careless
I am so incredibly impressed by this song. The whole premise of it is, in my opinion, really wise and true. In certain relationships, the less you care, the more the other person seems to care about you. This isn’t necessarily a relationship that will work long-term, but I think it is a common one to fall into. Kudos to Rae for putting this into words (and clever ones at that)!

Careless 2 RaeLynn    Careless 1 RaeLynn

RaeLynn Fact #4: She’s didn’t win The Voice.
Surprise! You may already know this. I have been keeping tabs on RaeLynn since The Voice though, and she has managed to still be working on many different projects, from appearing on tracks with Blake (see “Boys ‘Round Here) to her just-released EP!

Track #4: Boyfriend
I first heard this song long ago, not too long after RaeLynn’s stint on The Voice. I loved the track then and I love it now. As much as I’m not really down with the message about wanting to steal the other girl’s man, I still have to give Rae props for standing up for what she wants.

Boyfriend 1 RaeLynn    Boyfriend 2  RaeLynn

RaeLynn Fact #5: She’s a songwriter.
And a brilliant one at that. She is credited on all five of the tracks on this album, which just impresses me to no end. Also, I’ve read that her next single won’t even be off this EP, so she clearly has even more chambered and ready to go!

Track #5: Better Do It
Wow. This song is great fun to sing along to – it’s almost got a country rap vibe (this is, in fact, a real thing, as Kris and I learned on our Nashville trip last January). I love the spunky feel of this song, as well as the funky music it is set to. Rae’s twang is just perfect here, and this song really shows off her unapologetic attitude. I’d definitely have to call this girl brave.

Better Do it 1 RaeLynn    Better Do It 2 RaeLynn

In a nutshell, I ADORE this album, and I hope you do too! I think that it perfectly conveys RaeLynn’s style, personality, and age – these songs are exactly what she should be writing. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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