My Fangirl Life on Quest: Big Island Adventure Part 2

I started the “My Fangirl Life on Quest” series with an initial post about getting geeky on the Big Island of Hawaii. The goal of this series is to help you make your vacation the nerdiest yet, so be sure to check and see if we’ve posted about your destination before going anywhere!

After my previous Quest post went up, I actually had a friend, Shannon, get in touch with me to share something awesome that she did while on the Big Island over Christmas, and I felt this warranted an additional post. Since I ended off with “Big Island Adventure #7” last time, I’ll be picking the list up following that! Here we go:

Big Island Adventure #8 – Be Indiana Jones

I actually had Shannon write this adventure description, so here is what she had to say:

“One of the coolest things I did while I was in Hawaii was go spelunking through the Kaumana caves, on the Hilo side of the island. It’s a 25 mile lava tube that you can explore, as long as you bring a flashlight and good shoes! The ceilings were the most amazing part, they would have lava formations, and vines and roots growing down from them everywhere.  It felt like something out of Indiana Jones… minus the boulder coming for you!”

Thanks to Shannon for this contribution – the photos for this adventure are hers as well.

Indiana Jones Lava Tubes

For more info on the Kaumana Caves, check out this website.

Big Island Adventure #9 – Fly up high like your favourite superhero.

See the world from above like Superman does by parasailing! There is definitely something extremely humbling about being so far away from the ground. I’m not sure I’d want to travel that way all the time, but the experience is definitely neat.

UFO parasailing collage

As you can probably tell from the pictures, we went with UFO Parasailing, but I’m sure there are some other options for this on the Big Island as well.

Big Island Adventure #10 – Run around on foot like Link

Sometimes even the greatest adventurers and heroes have to do things on foot – I mean, Link spends most of his time running around Hyrule Field cutting the grass. If you want to emulate this (minus the sword), Pololu Valley is a good place to do it. The hike is a bit steep, and not too long… but still enough to get your blood flowing!

Pololu Valley

For more information on Pololu Valley and how to get there, click here.

Any other Big Island adventures I’ve missed? Share them in the comments!



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