I Want To Be In A Les Mis Flash Mob!

Just the other day I realized the most played song on my itunes was Do You Hear The People Sing? followed closely behind by One Day More from the Les Miserables movie soundtrack. This made me ask myself, do I really listen to the Les Mis soundtrack that often? The answer is yes, yes I do. I’d say it’s a borderline problem at this stage. I don’t think a week has gone by since I bought the soundtrack that I haven’t sung along in my car. ‘Cause sometimes I just need to cry with Fantine or Eponine. Plus what other music would I listen to in preparing for a revolution?

Since I saw Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel sing The Confrontation I wanted to repeat it. There’s probably a spot on my Bucket List now to do so. One day Kris, one day.

I think the main thing holding us back is the fact that neither Kris or I can sing. It doesn’t stop us from trying, but this Valjean and Javert definitely don’t sound so good. I know I will never be as talented as Nick Pitera…

But I’ve recently found another way for me to meet this dream: I Want To Be In A Les Mis Flash Mob.

I didn’t know this was a thing till just the other night – and then I spent hours watching Les Mis Flash Mob after Les Mis Flash Mob on Youtube.

Check out some of my faves:

1. Classic flash mob in a mall. I would gladly be one of the backup singers that comes in near the end!

2. This is epic! A university engineering class writing an exam is interrupted by ‘One Test More’

3. Family and friends listen up, I know I’m not getting married anytime in the near future, but just so you’re warned, I would love this!

4. I want this to happen when I am at Universal! I’ll just jump right in!

I can’t be the only one out there who loves Les Mis and really wants to be in a flash mob! Let me know if you ever have in the comments! Or even better, if you’re planning one, let me know!

Keep singing!

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