D&D N00B: My Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons

There are a lot of geek culture things that I love. I operate in a world of fantasy and feels. I love recommendations of comics & YA novels to read. I would basically always rather be watching a Lord of the Rings marathon. And I get sucked into fandoms like they’re unescapable black holes. But there is an area of my knowledge that is severely lacking and that area is gaming. I am becoming quite well-versed in the land of Hyrule. Link & I have formed a great bond on our may adventures to save Zelda. But that’s kind of where I stop. I’ve recently become semi-obsessed with gaming channels on YouTube, but am not gaining any gaming experience myself because, I must admit, that I am pretty horrible at video games. In my defence, I am a board game master. In an attempt to earn back a bit of nerd-cred I lay my serious Settlers of Catan skills out for you all. I am the Queen of Comebacks in that game; usually utilizing a lay-low early strategy to sneak a stone or sheep monopoly up on everyone later in the game. I also enjoy a lot of the classics, including Scrabble, Ticket to Ride and Risk…or the more recent Risk: Legacy. But there is still so much untapped joy existing in the word of gaming, whether it be video, online, or tabletop. Which brings me to the one big gapping hole in my nerd experience: Dungeons & Dragons.

I’ve never played D&D. Not for lack of wanting. I’ve been dreaming of this for a very long time; Dungeons & Dragons is literally on my Bucket List. I have a few groups of friends who regularly embark on quests, however it’s never worked out timing-wise for me to join them. I’ll find out about their circle while they are mid-adventure and don’t want to throw off the well-crafted adventure their dungeon master has created. Then when they go to start up again I will be away for work or unable to make the day that works best for everyone else and once again miss out. But I am a lucky little fangirl and have found myself a dungeon master & crew that are willing to make their questing schedule around me! The group consists of a couple other Noobs who are ready to embark on journey of self-discovery just as much as a journey of a fellowship with me.

Now that I’ve set the scene, let me give you the low-down on this set of posts I will present to you (some people might even call that a blog series). D&D Noob is going to follow my journey into the land of Dungeons & Dragons. It is meant to be educational to new players like myself & hopefully entertaining to experienced gamers. I believe I’m entering this fandom more knowledgable than most newcomers. As I previously mentioned, I have been dreaming of my first campaign for years. In that time I’ve done my research to be well-versed in the basics and able to speak the lingo, to a passable degree. With the help of my better D&D educated friends and my old pal the internet I hope to share new discoveries as well as my already amassed knowledge. As things come up in my journey or as I get asked them by my fellow noobs I’ll pass on acquired facts…so you can either learn with me or laugh at my ignorance! Fun!

I’m going to end this post with a story: Kris and the Quest for Dice

As a new player there is a lot to sort out. You need to think up your character and do all sorts of rolling to figure out its strengths, weaknesses, etc. But before all of that you need dice. I set out to get my very own set, because real players do that. But I found myself too embarrassed to do so at my local comic store. Now I know why most people would be embarrassed to be seen buying D&D supplies: being a Dungeons & Dragons nerd is typically supposed to be viewed as a shameful secret in “cool” circles. Not me. I was too embarrassed to have nerds who I might have to see again know that I had never played before. It would be a serious blow to my nerd-cred.

As it is the employees of the not-as-local shop I went to thought it was amazing. They fed off my enthusiasm and helped me pick my perfect die set. They even let me have test rolls. Nerds are the best!

Happy Questing!
Love & Luck,


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