Character Characteristics: Life as a Villain (aka Who are my INTJ fictional counterparts?)

We have recently started a series here on My Fangirl Life looking at personality types and the characteristics of fictional characters. I appropriately called it Character Characteristics. You can read all about the different type of Myers-Briggs personality types in Exploring Personality Traits. You can also take the test to find out your 4-letter code! I am an INTJ (Introverted – Intuitive – Thinking – Judging). Naturally I wanted to have some fun and see how I, as an INTJ, would fit into the world of fiction & fandoms…

 First, here is a brief description of INTJs:
The Mastermind” or “The Strategist
Natural leaders that strive for perfection. Objective, independent, conceptual and adaptable. Quick to see patterns in external events and have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Have a high need for competency and tend to have an aura of self-confidence. Weaknesses: personal relationships, communication, ambiguity, and expressing emotions.
So on to my fictional counterparts…there is a recurring theme with INTJ’s in fiction; see if you can spot it.
(Note: I’ve cropped the MBTI Charts down to just the INTJ’s but if you click on any of them it will take you to the full 16-Personality Chart.)

Disney Princesses:

Most classification charts you find for Disney Princesses really bug me because they insist there is a princess of each type. The fact is there is not. Some personality types just don’t lend themselves well to being a fairy tale princess (or a princess at all really) and mine is one of them. As much as I like to imagine I could be the heroine of a disney tale I can’t even think of a ‘non-princess but princess-like’ character (like Mulan or Jane) who is an INTJ. The closest we have are Elsa & Belle, but I’d probably call them a INFJ & INFP respectively.
There Are No INTJ Disney Princesses MBTI
But here are some Disney Characters who do fit my profile: Basil of Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective) & Milo Thatcher (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)…and Scar (The Lion King), Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), and Jafar (Aladdin).
Myers Briggs Disney MBTI INTJ

Harry Potter:

Draco Malfoy. Malfoy may not have reached his mastermind potential yet but he’s on his way. Ingenious plans, like the use of the vanishing cabinets, show forethought and he is not ruled by his emotions. His taunts cause Harry to throw spells & punches but each of Malfoy’s actions are calculated. He knows what the possible outcomes are. He knows what his next move will be. Thinking about this now I understand why he was always one of my favourite characters (even before Tom Felton became a hunk).
Myers Briggs Harry Potter MBTI INTJ

Doctor Who: 

The Master. The Master is all about well-thought-out, grand plans for world domination. Typical INTJ. While he can be charming when he wants to be, I believe that’s more of a strategy (rather than an extroverted tendency). He lives his life in his head…which is why the drums have driven him so insane.
Myers Briggs Doctor Who MBTI INTJ

Pretty Little Liars:

Alison Dilaurentis. Can you ever trust a word out of this girl’s mouth? No. Definitely not. The wheels are always turning. She is always watching and judging and planning. She is a master of deception…but is she ‘A’? While it seems like the most obvious answer I think I believe her when she says she’s not. ‘A’ is driven by a need for revenge. Revenge is a very ‘Feeling’ and ‘Perceiving’ motive. INTJ’s are more internally motivated…which is why fiction often portrays them as inherently evil.
Myers Briggs Pretty Little Liars MBTI INTJ

Middle Earth:

Elrond or Galdalf…or the Necromancer. Elrond: totally. He is the leader Middle Earth needs. If only all the the ‘kings’ had been as logical and pragmatic as Elrond there would be much less strife. He’s a great example of how a INTJ can work their analytical magic and strategic genius for good. The Necromancer: maybe. He’s definitely a mastermind with a long-range plan, however he can get a bit emotionally invested. Sometimes I feel like he’s fired by a need for revenge (along with pure, unadulterated evil). Gandalf: not at all. Gandalf is a ‘Perceiver’. Yes he does have some pre-planning in his actions but he is still a slave to his whims. Plus his world is far from black & white…I mean he’s Gandalf the Grey for a reason 😉 Myers Briggs LOTR MBTI INTJ

My Little Pony:

Princess Luna. She is an example of how a character can be an INTJ without necessarily being evil…all the time. Sure she occasionally goes all Nightmare Moon on everypony but when she feels accepted she can be a great asset to Equestria. If the ponies were ever go to war with a neighbouring nation (of cows or pigs maybe?) Luna would definitely be their battle commander.
Myers Briggs My Little Pony MBTI INTJ

Other Characters per fandom include:

Sherlock Homes: Moriarty…although occasional you’ll see Sherlock classified as an INTJ. It depends what interpretation of Sherlock Holmes you’re looking at. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock would be an INTJ (with his Moriarty being an ENTJ) but Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock would be an INTP.
Phineas & Ferb: Dr. Doofenshmirtz. For all of his incompetence he is an INTJ.
Game of Thrones: Tywin Lannister. 100%. I’m not proud of it but I get how this guy thinks; he’s almost predictable to me.
Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine. It just keep getting worse & worse.

INTJ’s Redemtion: 

Percy Jackson: 

Annabeth Chase. If I had to liken myself to a fictional character Annabeth might be my best match. You know, on a good day. She is insanely driven & determined and I doubt she ever wants for motivation. She is so smart because she embraces her calculating nature. And although she natural tends towards being alone & a bit cold & scary so makes conscious effort to soften & love. Ok, maybe I just most want to be like Annabeth. I even admire her faults: her fatal flaw is hubris (aka pride) which shows a high level of self-confidence and a need for perfection. I love her.
Myers Briggs Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus MBTI INTJ

Pride & Prejudice:

Mr Darcy. What a dreamboat.
Myers Briggs Mr Darcy MBTI INTJ
Long Story Short: I am basically one tragic accident away from being a super villain. But I’d make an awfully good one 😉
INTJs - Always the Villian MBTI
Love & Luck,

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