Off to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Disneybound style

One of the main reasons for our trip to Florida was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. That first day we were psyched, just could not contain our excitement as we approached Hogwarts and first saw the snowy rooftops of Hogsmeade.

This proved a great opportunity for another Disneybound: Hogwarts students!

Harry Potter DisneyboundJustine as a Hufflepuff Student

I have always identified myself as a Hufflepuff, though recently I think I’m becoming more Ravenclaw. Either way, I decided to stick with my Hufflepuff roots. This outfit was easy for me to complete as I feel I dress like a British school girl on an almost daily basis.

My outfit included a simple structured black skirt with a white blouse tucked in and a yellow cardigan. Black nylons and knee high socks were a must for the “British boarding school” look. The outfit was completed with a yellow bow in my hair, my deathly hallows necklace (I Believe) and, of course my wand.

Hufflepuff DisneyboundKris as a Slytherin Student

Kris is a Slytherin, she always has been and always will be. Period.

This outfit was again about embracing the house colours: silver and green. Kris used her grey circle skirt and a simple black shirt tucked in. Interestingly, I think the black shirt for Slytherin and white for my Hufflepuff was a great representation of the differences between the two houses. Kris then added a green non-structured blazer to complete the student look. This outfit was then paired with black nylons and shoes and a pair of white knee high socks. To complete the look Kris added some silver accessories, her snitch bracelet and a wand.

Slytherin DisneyboundKG as a Visiting Beauxbatons Student

KG has chosen not to associate herself with a specific Hogwarts house (though Kris and I know she’s totally a Hufflepuff!) and decided instead to be a visiting student from Beauxbatons. To accomplish this look and embrace her inner Fleur, KG went for elegance and blue.

This outfit made use of the abundance of blue dresses in KG’s closet…seriously, how does one girl own so many blue dresses? The textured two coloured dress paired nicely with her blue blazer (a cheap eBay find!). The outfit was topped off with a white hair bow and an abundance of pearls. And, of course, a wand!

Beauxbatons DisneyboundWe soon realized we had all purchased wands (and kind of dressed) to support a different Triwizard Tournament Champion, none of which were the book’s protagonist. Sorry Harry. This allowed for another set of fun photos.

Triwizard Champions DisneyboundWe again donned our Harry Potter best on our second day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This day we were less coordinated and recognizable but that didn’t take away from the fun.

Justine as Hermione

I chose to dress up this day as Yule Ball Hermione. This involved my pink dress and a pair of Hermione’s flower earrings (can be easily purchased on eBay). I again added my deathly hallows necklace and my wand.

Hermione Yule Ball Disneybound

Kris as a Death Eater

Kris continued down the Slytherin path and became a Death Eater this day. This outfit was complete with a pair of acid wash denim shorts and lots of black: black shirt, black blazer, black nylons, black shoes, black necklace. Kris also used this as an opportunity to wear her dark purple lipstick. The outfit was complete with her wand and a dark mark, of course.

Death Eater Disneybound

KG as Hedwig

On the second day, KG chose to wear all things feathered and become Hedwig. This outfit consisted of a cream dress and cardigan and a multitude of owl accessories that included: owl rings, feathered earrings, feathers in her hair and an owl broach. And this Hedwig was sure to carry around her wand all day.

Hedwig Disneybound

On multiple occasions it seemed we were having more fun than everyone else. It didn’t phase us, because really, what better location is there for a photoshoot?

Harry Potter Disneybound 2Thanks for reading! Tell us about your Harry Potter Disneybound outfits and the fun that must have been had!

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