We’re Disney Bound in Disneybound: Wonderland Edition

If you are a frequent follower of ours, you may have already seen some of our recent Disneybound posts. During our trip to Florida, we visited both Disneyworld and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and of course, we dressed in theme each day! Specifically, we were Disneybounding.

If you still don’t know what Disneybounding is, I’ve copied and pasted Kris’s definition below to help you out.

“What is Disneybound?” you ask.
Well reader, Disneybound is a popular trend started by blogger Leslie Kay. It’s well known that, while children could dress up as any character they chose, adults are not allowed to enter Disney theme parks in costume. It’s understandable. What if you’re a cosplay master & your costume is so good that visitors mistake you for a Disney Cast Member (aka employee)? And then you do something rude, inappropriate or uncouth? That would reflect poorly on the park…and Disney is all about their image! Kay found a fun way to follow the rules but still get in the Disney spirit; she created outfits made from everyday clothes but were inspired by Disney characters. Instead of making Cinderella’s dress you just pull something pretty & blue out of your closet & go! It allows you to channel the spirit of your favourite princess/hero/villain/sidekick/etc while still dressed in something that is comfortable, flattering & in your style. It’s basically closet cosplay but Disney-fied!

In today’s post, I would like to share with you our adventures as Wonderland characters. This was certainly a magical (and adorable) way to spend one of our days, and I think the photos with these outfits are some of my favourites from the trip.

Funnily enough, our Wonderland outfits were somewhat last-minute for all three of us. These were some of the last ideas we had, and some of the easiest to just pull together from our closets. Because of this, I was even more impressed with how great all three of these turned out.

Without further ado, I present to you…

Justine as the Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Disneybound

We again had no issue whatsoever deciding what each of us would be with this theme. Justine doesn’t have a particular affinity to the Queen of Hearts, but her wardrobe lends itself to this character quite well. She tends to wear a ton of red, and for some reason already owned the crown headband? I’m not quite sure how one wears that except when pretending to be the Queen of Hearts, but I have to say it is pretty perfect if that is what you are doing. The striped skirt is reminiscent of the one the Queen wears, and my favourite touch on this outfit is the pair of heart-patterned tights.

When Justine met Alice at Epcot, Alice paid her lots of compliments so as not to upset the Queen. Very smart, I think.

Kris as the Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Disneybound

When Justine and I had both already decided on Wonderland characters, Kris very swiftly put together an excellent Mad Hatter outfit. Pulling colours from the Mad Hatter’s outfit and adding a fun patterned shirt made her totally recognizable. The addition of a hat with a bow on it and the mad glint in her eye made her convincing.

Kris spent the day searching for teacups and practicing her crazy eyes. You know, just channelling her inner Mad Hatter!

KG as Alice

Alice In Wonderland Disneybound Outfit

No Wonderland set of characters is complete without Alice! And it sure wasn’t difficult for me to put this one together. You may recognize this blue dress as the one I wore when I was channelling my inner Beauxbatons student in one of our previous posts. This dress also made a perfect dress for an Alice inspired outfit! To it I added knee high white socks, Kris’s black Toms, and a white blazer. The best part of this ensemble, however, is the accessories. Justine lent me her black headband with a bow on it – too perfect! I also added a watch necklace with the White Rabbit on it, as well as a pair of rabbit earrings that I found on Ebay.

I had so much fun spending the day playing with my Wonderland friends (slash enemies) in Epcot and at the Magic Kingdom!

Alice in Wonderland Disneybound

Have you ever done a Disneybound? Tell us about it in the comments! If you haven’t, you should sure try it because it is a whole lot of fun. I’m now working on ways to bring fun and secretly nerdy outfits like this into my everyday life more regularly.


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