A John Barrowman Tale

Our friends over at Guardians of Geek are doing a Week of Barrowman…a tribute to John Barrowman on the week of his birth. Being as today is his birthday I thought I’d join in on the fun. I am going to contribute to the list of personal tales of encounters with John…but mine is about how he was horrible. Just Kidding! I am also going to gush about how nice he was. And how funny he was. And how he’s the best.

It was at Edmonton Expo, the Con in my hometown. He did an amazing panel where he had us in stitches. I have never laughed so hard during a Q&A. Then he did autographs and took so much time to talk to each person. And he topped off his day with photo ops. I was so impressed with the amount of care he showed each person and his investment in each photo. He hugged you like you were his best friend then pulled you in nice and close for the picture.

But when I was most impressed with him was after the expo was over for the day. There is a local improv group (Rapid Fire Theatre) who does a special Doctor Who-inspired edition of their show every few months…it is called Doctor Whom. Some clever planning had the group capitalizing on the geek population being out in full force that weekend by scheduling one of such shows on that Saturday night. I was there, as I always am, but was so impressed to find that was John Barrowman was as well! Someone had mentioned to him that the show was happening so he came out to support his fans. What a guy! He chatted with fans animatedly and laughed uproariously throughout the show. And at the end he asked for the gentleman who was playing Jack Harkness to come out so he could personally congratulate him on a job well done. Such a classy move by a man who goes the extra mile.

Happy Birthday John Barrowman! And thanks for being a shining example of someone who treats people right, no matter if they are famous or not.

Love & Luck,

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