We’re Disney Bound in Disneybound: Mermaid Edition

Recently the My Fangirl Life team took a trip to Disney World. It was amazing. And now we have been recounting our Disneybounding tales for all of you. What is Disneybounding? I explain that in our past post: We’re Disney Bound in Disneybound: Princess Edition. I thoroughly recommend doing it if you will be at a Disney park. Sure we got a few odd looks from passer-bys but the point is to wear your normal clothes, so you don’t end up looking that “out there.” And the Disney Cast Members love it! We received SO MANY compliments from employees, as well as fun lines like “Right this way your majesties” when we were princesses or “Nice disguise Ariel” on the day discussed below!

Because one day we dressed as Little Mermaid characters. It’s amazing how things just came together for the three of us. One person would say a character they wanted to be (I wanted to be Ariel because I love red-headed princesses) and KG & Justine immediately thought of matching characters they thought it would be fun to be. So read on for adventures in Atlantia & Prince Eric’s kingdom (Do we know what it’s called? Let me know in the comments if you do!):

KG as Ursula

KG let her nastier side show by Disneybounding Ursula the Sea Witch. If you’ve looked at any of KG’s fashion photos you will realize that this is a lot of black for her; luckily Ursula loves purple! Adding pops of colour made sure that KG didn’t scarf her personal style to fit the character…because that is what Disneybounding is all about: dressing as a character but sticking to your personal style! The wood & beaded belt she pulled out her closet had a proper classy-but-beachy feel. It was hidden in the back of a drawer with the Roman-centurian style belt I wore as Merida…I’m not sure why she has all of these eclectic belts, but they work excellently for Disneybounding. And last but not least, a purple hair bow & a pearl bracelet, two things a real-life Ursula would love.
Little Mermaid Ursula Disneybound Outfit

Justine as Prince Eric

Justine channeled her inner dashing hero and spent the day dressed as Prince Eric. I thought her interpretation of one of the dreamiest Disney Princes was very clever. You don’t have to skip the skirt just because you’re Disneybounding a man! Her white dress, and blue tights matched Eric’s shirt & pants and the red scarf-as-a-sash made the outfit immediately recognizable. She topped the outfit off with black boots & a ship necklace, because Eric spends much of his life on the sea. She carried along a red cardigan and jean jacket for the chillier parts of the day. Can’t you just picture Eric in a jean jacket? He’d be such a cute hipster….
Little Mermaid Eric Disneybound Outfit

Kris as Ariel

Finally, I was Ariel. The redheaded princesses are my favourite and I love channeling the spunkier side of my personality while dressed as them. Ariel has an obvious colour palette: purple on top and green on the bottom. I hipstered it up (you know, keeping it in my style) with a green flannel tied over my army green skirt and some brown ankle boots. To really feel like a mermaid I filled my hair with starfish. I LOVE starfish pins for my hair…they are so whimsical. Mine are from Heavenly Sea on Etsy. When I met Ariel, while in my Disneybound, she discussed all of the best places to collect starfish and the merits of different dinglehopper designs for brushing our matching red hair.

Little Mermaid Ariel Disneybound Outfit

Hope you enjoyed our trip under the sea while at the Magic Kingdom. Let us know about your Disneybounding adventures in the comments below! Or check out more photos on tumblr: My Fangirl Life on Tumblr.
Love & Luck,

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