6 Signs You’re Dating A Secret Lannister

Anyone who has been a regular follower of this blog for awhile will probably know that I read the Game of Thrones series for the first time back in December 2014. And subsequently, it was pretty much all I wrote about for awhile. Well lucky you – now I am working my way through watching the TV show and am just all caught up in it again. So don’t be surprised if you see a few more posts about this.

Everyone loves to hate the Lannisters but there is no denying that they usually do manage to play their cards right. I, personally, can’t wait until they finally get what’s coming to them. It has to happen. Regardless, even outside Westeros, people like the Lannisters do exist and you need to watch out for them. In the real world, they don’t have the name and a Lion crest to help you identify them. To help you out, I’ve put together this list of 6 signs you’re dating a secret Lannister – keep your eyes peeled, ladies (and gentlemen)!

1) He seems oddly affectionate towards his sister.

There’s a line that just can’t be crossed.

2) He has a habit of plotting ways to take over the world.

And he always tells you exactly what he’d do if he was in charge. It’s always slightly alarming. Logical, but alarming.

3) He somehow manages to always come out ahead despite not making any noticeable waves.

He spends his time behind the scenes pulling strings so that everything plays out how he wants it.

4) He’s right far too often.

And knows it.

5) He always enjoys playing the game but doesn’t worry much about the result because the game never actually ends.

He understands this truth about the world.

6) When watching the show, the Lannisters are his favourite characters, and he thinks the Starks are naive babies.

Seriously, run.



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