Gifts To & From Geek Girls Worldwide

Hello Fangirls and Fanboys! I am happy to see you here at My Fangirl Life. It’s always lovely to see you. Yes, I realize I can’t actually see you but I like the idea that we are all connecting. We could be located on opposite sides of the world and yet you are reading my words and if you left me a happy comment down below I could be reading yours too. That’s one of my favourite things about comments… it’s like making new, virtual friends.

I recently started connecting with people in a new way: via the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club. This website is turning two years old this month, but I only came across it two months ago. It seemed like such a brilliant idea and I just HAD to join. The premise is that it is a place for nerdy girlies to connect… whether it is on a message board, or by signing up for a pen pal or by joining a swap. I am about to embark on my first pen pal adventure this month. I am so excited because I LOVE mail.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about are the Swaps. “What is a Swap?” you ask, genuinely curious because you are such a good virtual friend. It is when you send a little care package to a new buddy. Each month multiple themes are announced. You can pick one (or all of them) based on your interest & commitment level. Sometimes it’s just cards. Sometimes it’s a whole, well-stocked and fully-thought-out package. But it’s always fun! After you sign up you are randomly matched with a partner (who could live anywhere in the whole world!) via email. You then exchange addresses and any other important swap-related (or non-swap-related if you’d like) information.

Need more convincing? Here are a couple of examples from swaps I’ve done in the past!

Theme: Sock Swap
I did this one in January. I sent some awesome Vs Stuff Socks to the lovely Ruth in the UK. She sent me some adorable Bambi Socks and a pair of Batman Slippers (which are super comfy).

Geek Girl Sock Swap

Theme: Fictional Crush Swap
This was last month… because who doesn’t want a Valentine’s Gift from their fictional crush? My awesome swap partner Kellie & I took different approaches to this one after we’d exchanged lists of our top fictional crushes.

I picked one of hers and created a package made by that dreamboat… in this case the Tenth Doctor. It include a book about Shakespeare’s run-ins with the Doctor – as he is a great writer of love stories – and a journal for her to write about her own adventures, with a special note from the Doctor himself in it. I topped it up with a few Ten-related trinkets: a bookmark of him popping over the cubicle wall and old-fashioned 3D glasses.

Doctor Whp Care Package Swap

Kellie made a package with little notes & trinkets from multiple of my crushes. There was some eyeliner so I could look as dreamy as Hook from Once Upon a Time. Sherlock sent violin sheet music because I’m “not wholly boring.” Rory sent me a gift from a planet full of cleaning monsters he stopped at with Amy & the Doctor. And the Weasley Twins told me to manage some mischief with the joke products they included. It was so fun to open, especially because I am a master of suspending disbelief.

Fictional Crush Care Package Swap

Theme: Birthday Cards
This month, to celebrate the website’s 2nd birthday, I am exchanging birthday cards with multiple other Iggles (what the site calls their members). Here is a sneak peak at my cards and the secret treats I’m stashing inside:

Birthday Card Swap

Will you be signing up? Maybe we’ll be a match! Or you could just leave me a little message in the comments! I love comments, friend!

Love & Luck,


  • GingerbreadSagas

    YES! Welcome to the the geeky and lovely world of IGGPPC 🙂
    It makes me a little sad to realize that you are taking part of the Birthday Card swap, and I am not swapping with you, though! 🙂 I can see you are still listed in the doc; does this mean you are still looking for swap-buddies? Because if that is the case, I will send you an email 🙂


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