March High Five: ABC Spark Shows Worth Watching

ABC Spark shows are a guilty pleasure of mine, as I’ve written before in my post “Scott Michael Foster is the best”. He really is – and I like ABC Spark because they seem to like him quite a lot. And also, you know, because their shows are lighthearted and fun, but surprisingly touching. I’m more absorbed in many of these shows than I would really like to admit.

So as (apparently) our resident ABC Spark correspondent, I have put together a very important list for you, our readers, for our March High Five – you can check out the other articles in this series here. But on to this month’s contribution to the series; I present to you, in no particular order, five ABC Spark shows worth watching.

1) Young & Hungry

This show is front of mind right now because the new season premieres today!! If you missed the first season, I highly recommend going back and checking it out. This series stars Emily Osment (you may recognize her as the girl who played Miley’s best friend on Hanna Montana). She’s adorable, funny, and perfectly klutzy. Her character is a poor food blogger that gets hired on to be the personal chef for a rich tech entrepreneur. Desperate to keep her job, she gets into all sorts of messes while trying to prove that she’s better than any celebrity chef could be.

Young & Hungry Season 2 Poster

2) Melissa & Joey

I have just been informed by the Internet that this show is up to its SERIES finale! I had no idea. And apparently that final episode has already aired – I will have to investigate this further because the end of the last episode I saw was definitely not series finale-worthy.

Regardless, I recommend checking this show out, and from the beginning. Melissa Joan Hart stars as Mel Burke, a city councilwoman in Toledo, Ohio, who takes in her niece and nephew after a family scandal leaves them without their parents. She ends up hiring Joe Longo as a manny when she realizes she just can’t handle the stress of a busy career and the demands of family. The resulting stories are insane, charming, hilarious, or heartwarming, depending on the day.

Fun fact: Scott Michael Foster guest stars on a couple episodes!

Melissa & Joey

3) Chasing Life

I am loving Chasing Life right now. It stars Italia Ricci as April Carver, who is an aspiring journalist working hard to impress her boss. Her life is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with leukemia, and suddenly everything is different. I have just learned from my Internet research that this show is actually adapted from a Spanish series called Terminales. Fun!

The season 1 finale of this series just aired, and it was lovely, heartbreaking, and inspiring all at the same time. I originally thought that this was just going to feel like a dying person show. I only watched it because Scott Michael Foster is also one of the main characters (and we all know now how much I love him). But it turned out that this show isn’t about death – it’s about really focusing on what life is all about. When it’s about to be taken from you, life seems a lot more precious.

Chasing Life
4) Baby Daddy

This show is very similar in tone to Melissa & Joey, alternating between adorable and ridiculous. It follows 20-something bartender Ben Wheeler, who is in for the surprise of his life when a one night stand leaves his baby on his doorstep. It doesn’t take long for him to fall in love with baby Emma and put the pieces of his life back together to include her too. His brother, roommate, and mother all band together to help him give Emma the best life he can.

Also, Emma is an adorable baby, which totally helps.

Baby Daddy

5) Greek

Greek is where I was first introduced to Scott Michael Foster. This show is how I became such a fan.

Now, this show is no longer current, but it was the first ABC Spark-esque show that I fell in love with. This series takes place at fictional Cyprus Rhodes University and primarily follows siblings Rusty and Casey Cartwright on their adventures in fraternity and sorority life. It often borders on the hilarious and ridiculous, but overall it tells a few real stories and I think that is why it really struck a chord with me. There are four glorious seasons of this show available for your viewing pleasure and I recommend them highly.




Honourable Mentions: Bunheads, Jane by Design, Twisted

I have really enjoyed these shows in the past too – they were contenders to make the list so I just wanted bring them up as well.

ABC Spark shows in general are fun, adorable, and not scary at all (except for Twisted. Twisted is a little disturbing). Though these shows are aimed primarily at teens, I – as a 26 year old woman – recommend them for far more ages than that. Check them out and I hope you enjoy!

Do you have any guilty pleasure TV shows? Share in the comments!



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