“This Can’t Be Real Life” – Zayn WHY?!?!?!?!?!?

So I don’t think there are many in the fangirl community who haven’t heard the latest One Direction news…but in case you’ve been living under a rock I’m sad to report Zayn has officially left the band!

What!?!?!?! Call me completely shocked!! Zayn had always been my least favourite member of One Direction. But I admit he had been growing on me lately… perhaps even moving up to 3rd in my 1D ranking (a ranking which obviously every good fangirl should have).

Everyone here at My Fangirl Life couldn’t believe it. However, the best reaction to the news today came from my sister. I welcome Lex back again for some help. I was witness to three of her rants yesterday, the third of which I was able to record.

Here is a reaction from a closet Directioner who absolutely loves Zayn:

– “I’m devastated. Zayn’s the best.”

– “He’s the only voice I could recognize, except sometimes Harry and usually Louis because he’s really high. And that says a lot because I suck at that game.”

– “Who’s going to take his place, are they going to hire a new member?” [You could volunteer] “Why would I want to be a part of it now?? Sorry, if Zayn’s not there there’s no point in me being there. I’ll go be his girlfriend in his normal 22 year old life. Perhaps if he moved here it’d be a little more normal.” [He’s still in London] “I can be in London. I can be British. I’m just so sad.”

– “You told me and I’m like this can’t be real life. You’re kidding me, this isn’t real. I went on Twitter and saw People [magazine’s tweet] and I was like no no no no….. What kind of lunch break is this!?! Like literally I took out my phone to check the time and that’s what I saw. I’m devastated.”

– “I’m jipped out of my 1D concert experience this summer for 4/5 of the band and I should get a refund because they should have kicked out Niall instead of having Zayn voluntarily leave. I spent $125 on a ticket that I could have spent elsewhere. Instead I get 4/5D. And it’s not even the good 4/5. Well maybe two of them are still ok.”

– “I just wanted to see him. I don’t even get to see him. I’ll look at a picture of him. I saw someone post ‘let’s appreciate his beauty’. I was going to see that in real life! This is just too much for me to handle.”

– **sobbing noises** “Zayn”

– “I love him, he was my favourite from the beginning. Really it was his looks that got me but then I fell in love with him. And really Zayn, in the middle of a tour – you’re disappointing your Canadian fans. This one especially.”

– “Are they just going to photoshop him out of things?”

– “I have no motivation to even listen to 1D for the concert because it’s all going to be different when I hear it. It’s just screwing everything up, messing up my life. I’m devastated.”

one-direction-5439794a29f9e-promo-banner-2015I never knew my sister was such a Directioner. It’s events like this that seem to bring out her often hidden inner fangirl.

In all seriousness, life happens. People want what they want. Bands break up. I remember when Ginger left the Spice Girls and when Justin left ‘NSYNC. I wish Zayn all the best in the future. I can’t imagine the next few months will be easy. I wish Liam, Harry, Louis and Niall all the luck in the world. I think this is going to be extremely difficult on all of them too.

It was a difficult day for all us Directioners; let us know how you’re mourning in the comments!


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