Girl Detectives: The Mystery of the Simple Cake

Welcome to Girl Detectives on My Fangirl Life, where we will run investigations on anything we feel needs some mystery solving! From research to experiments to everything in between, we hope that you will join us on our quests for the truth by following this series.

As people of the internet, we regularly come across articles online that claim shortcuts for doing everyday things. One of those is what we will be investigating today!

Many of you may have seen the claims that you could bake a cake simply by using a store-bought cake mix and a can of soda pop. If true, this method has a few advantages:

  • Less ingredients needed (no eggs, milk, etc.)
  • Additional cake flavours (ie. vanilla cake + orange pop = creamsicle cake)

My Fangirl Life Easy Cake

So we decided to investigate whether the internet is telling the truth on this one! See below for our experiment’s method and findings.


As mentioned already, this baking tip is all over the internet. But does it actually work? Let’s find out!


We believe that replacing the liquid items listed on the back of the cake mix with a can of soda pop will result in a delicious cake.


  • Store-bought cake mix
  • Can of soda pop
  • Bowl
  • Electric Mixer
  • Baking pan
  • Oil or cooking spray


How to bake a cake with pop

1) Go to grocery store and purchase cake mix and soda pop.

2) Put cake mix in bowl.

3) Add 1 can of soda pop to cake mix.

4) Mix with electric mixer until smooth.

5) Grease baking pan.

6) Pour mixture into pan.

7) Bake cake according to directions on the back of the box.

8) Enjoy!


When the baking was complete, the cake came out of the oven looking just like a regular cake, but with a bit of an orange tinge due to our selection of orange pop. The texture was a little more crumbly than normal, but it was not too dry. The cake was a bit on the sweeter side as well, due to the added sugar in the pop. It definitely had a hint of orange creamsicle flavour!


This method results in a tasty and sweet cake that we prefer to eat without any icing.

Cake with pop

Now it’s time to do some research to find out what other cake mix and pop combinations we could make! Do you have any ideas? Let us know in the comments!



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