The Hottest Women of Figure Skating

Hello fanboys & fangirls of the world. Last week I did a post called The Hottest Men of Figure Skating. One of the things I love to fangirl over is figure skating, so I wrote about it. Because that’s what we do here…we’re all about you being you and loving what you love. It turned out that people quite enjoyed that post (check it out if you haven’t…there are plenty of dreamy men to enjoy). And then I got this tweet…
IMG_3154-1 How can I resist a heartfelt request like that! So here it is:

The Hottest Women of Figure Skating

2015 World Championships Edition

Miss America: Madison Chock

Ice Dancer w/ Evan Bates
Madison is All-American and yet of very mixed decent. On her mothers side she is German, English, Irish, French and Dutch. Her father is of Hawaiian Chinese descent. Madison’s full name is Madison La’akea Te-Lan Hall Chock. That’s a mouthful… La’akea means “sacred light from heaven” and Te-Lan means “unique orchid”.
Hottest Figure Skaters Madison Chock Photo Source (1) (2) (3)

The Doll: Zijun Li

Ladies Competitor
Zijun barely made the cut…not because she’s not absolutely beautiful but because I decided to only take women over 18. It seems weird to judge anyone younger; they are just girl. Li just turned 18 in December 2014. Now that she is an adult she is pushing to be the top of the World stage.
Hottest Figure Skaters Zijun Li Photo Source (1) (2) (3)

Italy’s Princess: Anna Cappellini

Ice Dancer with Luca Lanotte
Anna & Luca had a hard season this year. Coming off winning the 2014 World Championships, they started 2015 with a fall int heir free dance (something that might happen often in other disciplines, but is rare in Ice Dance). They finished a respectable 4th at they year’s Worlds but then never really got into their groove. Hopefully these two beauties (Yes, Luca was on the Hottest Men list) will find their spark again next season.
Hottest Figure Skaters Anna Cappellini Photo Source (1) (2) (3) (4) 

The Sorority Sister: Alexa Scimeca

Pairs Skater with Chris Knierim
I realize Alexa isn’t actually in a sorority, but doesn’t she look like she should be your good-natured Greek sister? I mean, she’s the perfect combination of sexy & cute. Both gorgeous and approachable. Plus she’s perky and excitable. Perhaps she’d be in charge of rush, or leading the pledges. But as a warning, if she’s your pick to ‘chase’ she is engaged. Her and her partner Chris Knierim got engaged in April 2014.
Hottest Figure Skaters Alexa Scimeca Photo Source (1) (2) (3) (4)

The Scandinavian Sex Symbol : Kiira Korpi

Ladies Competitor
Or perhaps I should call her “The Ice Princess”…her friends do. Back home revenue calls her Jääprinsessa (Finnish for Ice Princess) because (1) she’s a figure skater…obviously and (2) she closely resembles Grace Kelly, who was Princess of Monaco. I recommend checking out her website because (1) it’s adorable and (2) there are more pictures of this hottie on it.
Hottest Figure Skaters Kiira Korpi Photo Source (1) (2) (3) (4)

The Girl Next Door: Alexandra Paul

Ice Dancer with Mitchell Islam
Alexandra is the cutest. Look at that face. She’s as lovely and sweet as her home nation: Canada. But maybe I’m biased…being Canadian myself. She grew up in living and training in Ontario, where she paired up with partner Mitchell Islam. In 2012 she became the “girl next door” to new folks in Detroit. The new skating club allowed the pair to skate each day with better training partners, teams that push them to be better.
Hottest Figure Skaters Alexandra Paul Photo Source (1) (2) (3)

The “Golden” Girl: Gracie Gold

Ladies Competitor
Gracie Gold is every American teenager. Ok not actually, but she is what the USA want us non-Americans to think every American teenager is like. She’s beautiful. She talented. She’s All-American. Look at the pictures below. Could she be any more of an ad for loving America? I mean, she’s both a  Cover Girl and often seen baking cookies with Taylor Swift on Instagram. She’s definitely living every American teenager’s dream.
Hottest Figure Skaters Gracie Gold Photo Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) 

The Black Swan: Elena Ilinykh

Ice Dancer with Ruslan Zhiganshin
If you’re curious about the origin of her Instagram handle (above), Elena ‘played’ the Black Swan in last season’s Free Dance. Hers & her ex-partner Nikita Katsalapov’s outfits won the Olympics in terms of style…In reality they placed 3rd. But really, this chick could wear anything and look stunning.
Hottest Figure Skaters Elena Ilinykh Photo Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

What do you think? Did I miss anyone? Make sure you join the conversation in the comments below! See you on the ice!

Love & Luck,

For more Figure Skating news & commentary check out our friend PrincessBeanySkates:


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