20 ways to kill time until Game of Thrones returns

Today we are kicking off Game of Thrones week on My Fangirl Life. Because, you know, fangirls and fanboys everywhere have been counting down the days to the premiere of the new season and it is just SO SOON (eeeeeeeeeek!!!). We’ll be posting all week about this fabulous book series/TV show, leading up to the April 12th premiere, so be sure to check back for all sorts of GOT fun!

But on to today’s post… I figured you could all probably use some ideas to kill time this week while anxiously anticipating Sunday’s premiere. So here’s a list for you – and it’s fairly lengthy, so you better get started!

1) Re-read the books.

Ok, so this might take a little longer than a week unless you are unemployed and have lots of time to commit to the task. Maybe just re-read the last book, or wherever you previously left off? Or just flip through and read all of your favourite parts.

2) Try to draw the Lannister family tree.

Get confused about how to refer to Cersei and Jaime as both siblings and lovers. Give up.

3) Work on a cosplay outfit to wear during the premiere.

You can check out our cosplay photos or our how-to posts for Sansa or Margaery for some inspiration!

4) Watch all the previous seasons over again.


5) Plan a premiere party.

It could be “Red Wedding” themed… except, you know, without the double crossing and murder.

6) Learn how to cook GOT-themed meals

Check out Inn at the Crossroads for all sorts of recipes!

7) Print off some of our GOT-themed Valentines and hand them out “just because”.

You can find those here.

8) Delve into the underbelly of the internet reading all sorts of GOT theories.

It is never-ending!!!

9) Book a Westeros cruise. Or check out the luxury tour.

Seriously. I can’t decide which I’d rather do… Check them out here or here.

10) Send George RR Martin some fanmail.

Or, you know, mail begging him not to kill your favourite character. You can find his address here.

11) Watch the new Cinderella movie.

Because Robb Stark is reborn as Prince Charming.

12) Study a map of Westeros to better acquaint yourself with the world.

Geography is important.

13) Design your own house sigil.

What will it be? Hopefully not a flayed man… but even if it is, you really do need to be truthful here. Once it’s done, you can paint it onto a banner to display on your wall.

14) Find some Game of Thrones fanfiction to tide you over.

You can start here. Where you go from there is up to you!

15) Buy some GOT cosmetics.

Yep, Red Wedding lip gloss. It’s a thing.

16) Recreate scenes from the show or book in your backyard.

This requires lots of ketchup. Lots and lots of ketchup.

17) Contemplate the ultimate Westeros boy band.

Wait, maybe we’ll do a post on this during GOT week here. Keep your eyes peeled for this possibility! (OK…it’s happened because how could anyone resist!? Check it out here.)

18) Practice your swordplay.

Nothing gets one quite into the Game of Thrones mindset like a little sword fighting.

19) Make up a dance routine that goes along with the GOT theme song.

You can perform it for all your guests on premiere night.

20) Gather up all your leftover Easter eggs and pretend they’re dragon eggs.

Dany would be proud.

Do you have any more ideas for how to kill time this week? Let us know in the comments!



Need one more way to kill time before Sunday? Click the banner below and read all of our GOT-related posts on My Fangirl Life!

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