Join us at Westeros Community College!

Welcome to Game of Thrones week here on My Fangirl Life! We’re counting down the days until the new season premieres on Sunday, so check back throughout the week for all sorts of Westeros-related fun!

We teamed up with our Mangirling expert, Johnny Rico, again on this post. Below I have an advertisement for  Westeros Community College. Check out the poster below to see what courses we think you could sign up for at this quality educational institution.

Westeros Community College Poster

What courses would you sign up for? Do you have any courses you’d like to request? Let us know in the comments!



Want more Game of Thrones? Click on the banner below!

Banner - More Game of Thrones


  • GingerbreadSagas

    Haha, YEEESSSS! I would definitely sign up for Tywin’s class, and probably lord Frey’s, too – in that case I would know when to politely decline an invitation for a wedding, and when to just get as far away from Westeros as possible (I might take Arya’s and the Hound’s class too then, just in case). I’d stay clear of the Family Counselling class, though.
    And then I’d like to request a stand-up comedy class taught by Stannis Baratheon.

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  • So It’s Dany’s class, Tywin’s and Human Resources for me. Though a class of Economics By Robert and one on Eithics and diplomacy by Joffrey would slay me. lol


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