We’re Disney Bound in Disneybound: Villains Edition

It’s time for a few new Disneybounding outfits! The ladies of My Fangirl Life recently took at trip to Disney World. While there we made it a goal to Disneybound every day. We picked a new theme and individualized characters each day and ran about recreating scenes and posing for oodles of photographs. Today I want to tell you about our most nefarious outfits: Villain’s Day!

But first here’s a quick Disneybound description from an earlier post:

Well reader, Disneybound is a popular trend started by blogger Leslie Kay. It’s well known that, while children could dress up as any character they chose, adults are not allowed to enter Disney theme parks in costume. It’s understandable. What if you’re a cosplay master & your costume is so good that visitors mistake you for a Disney Cast Member (aka employee)? And then you do something rude, inappropriate or uncouth? That would reflect poorly on the park…and Disney is all about their image! Kay found a fun way to follow the rules but still get in the Disney spirit; she created outfits made from everyday clothes but were inspired by Disney characters. Instead of making Cinderella’s dress you just pull something pretty & blue out of your closet & go! It allows you to channel the spirit of your favourite princess/hero/villain/sidekick/etc while still dressed in something that is comfortable, flattering & in your style. It’s basically closet cosplay but Disney-fied!

Now on to the styles…

Justine as Jafar

Despite being the most princess-like member of our team, Justine Disneybounded the most villains on our trip. (For those of you interested, KG is our resident hero and I’ve been voted ‘Most Likely to Become a Super-Villain‘). First she was the Queen of Hearts on Wonderland Day, then Prince Hans on Frozen Day, and finally Jafar on Villains Day. I guess it’s fun playing the bad guy when you don’t have to worry about it tempting you to the dark side 😉

To achieve her Jafar-esque look she concentrated on a red & black color palette, with touches of glittering gold. Her lacy black dress projected an air of sexy mystery, that I think Jafar might exude in real life…were he not giving you total crazy eyes. Her red blazer told everyone she meant business. She was not messing around; she would get into the Cave of Wonders. The feathered necklace was reminiscent of Jafar’s feathered head-dress and her slinky snake accessory (names Meredith Havoc by KG & Kris respectively) was an easier-to-transport version of his staff.
Villians Jafar Disneybound

KG as Cruella De Vil

Hide your puppies. After finding her inner demons as Ursula on Little Mermaid Day KG channeled her inner Cruella De Vil. This outfit was a pretty dead-on modern-day Cruella, in my opinion, minus the massive fur coat she’s sporting on Once Upon a Time.

Starting with a basic black dress (a villainous staple piece) she added a white blazer instead of the classic fur. Even though it was winter in Orlando, us northerners would have overheated in fur. Her accessories brought the look together. Lots of black, white & red. Some bling. And, of course, dalmatian print. She had to scour the internet for a dalmatian-print bag, but found the perfect one. And her scarf featured a print of full dalmatian dogs sitting at attention.
Villians Cruella Devile Disneybound

Kris as Captain Hook

Despite being our resident villain Hook was the only villain I Disneybounded. (Unless you count being a Slytherin, then Death Eater at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter…which probably counts.) This meant that I had to channel all of my badass evilness into this one outfit.

Let me say, as Hook I felt FABULOUS. With Once Upon a Time and the upcoming Pan movie, Hook is starting to be seen as a rather dreamy, leather-clad, stylish character…so that’s the direction I took my outfit. I wore a loose white crop top tucked into my black high-waisted disco pants. On my feet I put brown ankle boots (because Hook should only wear boots) and on my head I placed a gigantic, floppy, black hat (with skull-and-crossbones pin). My pirate-ship necklace & crocodile ring were pretty Captain Hook-esque, but what really gave my disneybound away was the long red coat. How sweet is that coat? Arrrrr Mateys.

Villians Captain Hook Disneybound

How have you let your villainous side out? Let us know about your Disneybounding adventures in the comments below! Or check out more photos on tumblr: My Fangirl Life on Tumblr.

Love & Luck,

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